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OSHA Compliance: Are You Using Safety Signs? | Allegiance

October 30, 2017 | Staffing Blog

One of the most effective and efficient ways for you to communicate safety regulations, protocols, and messages in your workplace is by using signs. There are several signs you can hang in your workplace so you will not only make everyone aware of the hazards they may face, but this will also make sure you will remain OSHA compliant.

Fire Safety

What areas in your workplace have fire extinguishers? What areas in your workplace have fire house cabinets? When you identify those areas, you should make sure you hang the right signs so people will know where they can access them. You should also make sure all of your employees are properly trained in case of an emergency situation.

Exit Signs

Your workplace should have clear exit and evacuation areas, and these areas should be marked. Sometimes people can mistake a certain doorway or pathway as an exit, and they will try to exit the building through those doors. In order to avoid confusion, you can make sure you identify those doors correctly. Your exit signs should be visible to everyone.

Where Are The Hazards?

If your workplace has several hazardous areas, you should make sure everyone knows that those potential hazards are. Everyone should also know what the proper procedures and protocols are for being in those potential hazardous areas.

Where Is The Proper Protection?

When your employees or any visitors enter one of your hazardous areas, you should make sure they know what type of protective equipment they need and where they can find the equipment.

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