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What Other Jobs Can Administrative Assistants Do?

April 14, 2020 | Career Blog

Administrative assistants develop a useful set of tools in their jobs that can be helpful in a variety of other jobs as well. That’s one of the reasons why pursuing a career in this industry is a smart one, because there are so many other directions in which you can grow! Whether there are jobs you haven’t realized you are eligible for, or you’re craving something new, we can give you guidance. Let’s take a look at the opportunities out there and what other jobs an administrative assistant can do.

Growing in Your Field

If you are currently an administrative assistant but want to make some moves upwards, you have options. It really comes down to your skill set and the direction you want to keep moving toward. To grow onward and upward as an administrative professional, consider the following careers:

  • Medical Coding Manager: Average Salary of $68,000. If you have been working in healthcare, you most likely know what a medical coding manager does. Maybe you even have some experience with coding! Even if you’re in a different industry, this is a position for you to work toward. The job entails evaluating medical charts, coding data, and sending documents to medical billers for processing and payment.
  • Member Services & Enrollment Manager: Average Salary of $57,000. Another healthcare position, you would be in charge of supervising staff who take calls from providers and members regarding claims and other benefit concerns.
  • Medical Executive Assistant: Average Salary of $55,000. Med exec assistants also perform at a management level. What gives them that status is their ability to verify documents and prepare reports, conduct research, and transcribe specialized dictation. You would also supervise staff beneath you and be in charge of scheduling various types of appointments.
  • Certified Professional Coder: Average Salary of $54,000. This position would require that you get a Certified Professional Coder certification. With this certification, you would analyze a patient’s charts and assign codes to the procedures being performed and treatments they are receiving.

Trying a New Path

Now, if you’re looking for a fresh start, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’re in a flexible situation, so you may as well make your move now. Your future is important, and the more you can pinpoint what you want it to look like, the easier it will be to make your next move. With the experience you have gained through your administrative assistant work, you could also work as a:

  • Court Reporter: Average Salary of $57,150. Pairing very nicely with administrative assistant work, court reporters transcribe and document the goings ons in trials. A great way to utilize your skills and make a little more money doing so.
  • Paralegal: Average Salary of $50,940. This is a way to change things up a bit, but still stick to the skills you have acquired. You would still work as an assistant, but your research would be from a legal standpoint. So, drafting documents and keeping up with clients’ files and the like.

First Steps

No matter what, as you start to think about this stuff, make sure you’re being honest with yourself. Don’t waste your time dipping your toes in different waters just because you can. Take a moment to really consider what you want to do. In order to do so, keep in mind:

  • You’re trying to build up your resume, and the way you spend your time counts. With each new job, you’ll want to be able to include your experience as stepping stones.
  • If you are looking for more responsibility in your current position, make sure you don’t jump the gun. Excel in the responsibilities you have now so your boss is aware that it’s time for you to take on more.
  • Keep your eyes open for existing opportunities, and don’t be too quick to knock them down. If you know someone who can give you advice or a good connection, take it!

What We Can Do For You

This is what Allegiance Staffing does: we help you find the job you want. And good news for you, we specialize in admin assistant positions! Let us help you take a look at the different paths available to you. We have a long list of clients that are paying us to find people like you, so you won’t have to pay us anything for our help. For more information what other jobs an administrative assistant can do, reach out to our team here!