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7 Questions to Ask in an Interview That Will Show You’re Motivated

July 21, 2020 | Career Blog

Take it as a good sign if your interviewer asks if you have any questions for them. This not only means that they want to give you their time, they also are hoping to learn a little bit more about you through what you ask.

Many people make the mistake of passing up this opportunity. Not asking questions won’t necessarily break your chances of getting the job. However, the ones you do ask could absolutely be what lands it for you.

Asking your interviewer questions shows that you’re not just willing to take any old job, that you want this job to be one that lasts. Keep reading for 7 questions to ask in your interview that will show that you care.

Seize the Opportunity

The best questions to ask primarily involve the work culture, the value of this role to the person you’d be working for, and how you would fit into the company as a whole. Ask your interviewing manager these questions and they will know your someone who means business:

1. What Are the Company Values?
If they haven’t touched on this already, they will appreciate that you want to know what really makes the company tick. This will also clue you into the type of people they are looking for. Once they tell you their values, give a short response of why those things matter to you as well. For example, if they respond with “we always put the customer first”, you could respond with something like, “when a customer is happy they keep coming back.”

2. What Do You Like About Working Here?
This question doesn’t just show them you want to learn more about the business, it is also very valuable information for you to know. If your interviewer responds easily and with enthusiasm, this shows they really do enjoy working there. Most of the time when managers are happy with the work environment, the employees that work under them are as well.

3. Are There Opportunities for Professional Development?
After showing enthusiasm about the position you’re applying for, it’s also good to express a little curiosity about growing within the company. People want to hire individuals who are interested in staying for the long hall. Employees who are interested in advancing within the company also tend to learn quickly and put extra effort into their work. Employees who aren’t managers, but ‘think like a manager’, are incredibly valuable to have.

4. Is There Anything About My Resume That Makes You Question if I am A Good Fit?
This question shows you are not fooling around. You are really interested and you want to know if they are seriously considering you or not. It also gives you the opportunity to address any potential concerns they might have and nip them in the bud. Being willing to cut to brass tacks and speak honestly also shows them your level of commitment to their point of view.

5. How Do You Measure An Employees Success?
Your interviewer will be encouraged by this question because you are already making plans for succeeding in their eyes. Expressing interest in how to do that before you know that you’re hired shows them that you will put your best foot forward starting day one.

6. What are the Initial Expectations for Someone with My Experience?
While showing them you care, you are also gathering valuable information that will allow you to exceed the general expectations they have of you. Their answer will also help you decide if the job is actually a good fit for you. If they have evaluated you and your experience correctly, their expectations should feel fair to you. If not, it is totally fine to decide that the fit doesn’t feel right.

7. What Can I Do to Meet Your Objectives for the Performance Review?
Get ahead of the game by getting a clear understanding of how they are expected to evaluate employees. If you know what they will be addressing in your performance review from the get-go, you can knock your future reviews out of the ballpark. This will allow you to excel fast within the company if that is something that truly interests you. If anything it will secure you a steady job and give them a reason to keep giving you the shifts you desire.

We Can Help You Prepare for Your Interview

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