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7 Reasons to Consider Graveyard Shift Jobs

January 21, 2020 | Career Blog

Night shifts, also known as graveyard shifts, don’t always get the best rap — mostly because they go against the “normal” sleeping schedule. Though they may be looked at has unsavory by some, there are actually quite a few benefits to being the person who opts for working at those times!

Digging Into the Graveyard Shift

So before you decide that the graveyard shifts are not for you, take a gander at this list we have made of some of the opportunities working them provides.

1. More Independence & Responsibility

A lot of the people that choose to work night shifts do so because they enjoy autonomy. There are fewer people required to be on at night, and that means you will be taking on more of a leading role and making more decisions. If you are the type of person that likes your independence and having more responsibility, you would probably enjoy working these shifts. Even better, taking on such responsibilities gives you the chance to climb the opportunity ladder quicker and land a supervisor role, if that’s something that interests you.

2. Higher Pay

This is the one that obviously makes this time more appealing for workers, as most people won’t pass up a chance to make a little extra dough. Companies understand that there are some inconveniences that come along with working the night shift, so most of them will compensate extra to those individuals that are willing to do so.

3. You Are Free During the Day

Though you will probably be sleeping during a portion of it, you will have more freedom during the day to get stuff done and see your loved ones. People find that having this extra time during the day allows them to be more productive and get stuff done they usually have trouble finding the time for.

4. Less Traffic

Because these shifts aren’t as common amongst the general public, not as many people are driving on the road. This makes driving to and from work a breeze. Bye-bye to rush hour traffic.

5. It’s the Cooler Part of the Day

Temperature-wise we mean, though some night owls do consider it more preferable to be out when they can see the moon. For jobs that take place in the outdoors, such as construction work, coming on shift when the sun is down is a huge benefit. This makes the physical stuff a lot less uncomfortable to do — especially in the summer.

6. Fewer Distractions

Because there are fewer people that work the night shift, this means fewer distractions from the comings and goings and gossiping that tends to come along with crowds. If the work you’re doing requires a lot of focus, this is especially beneficial. For example, some jobs include inspecting and working with hazardous materials. Having the night shift quiet will allow you to give your complete attention to this task and leave little room for a screw-up.

7. More Available Hours

Because the ‘graveyard shift’ tends to be less sought after, there are usually shifts available to be grabbed. People that like to work a lot or are trying to make an extra buck will scoop those shifts up quickly.

Sound Appealing to You?

If the examples above sound like they would be beneficial to your life, we can help you find some shifts! Allegiance Staffing works with companies that are always looking for permanent or temporary employees, and some of these have night shifts to fill as well. Give us a call to start the conversation about what kind of job you’re looking for, we are ready to get you started with the job that suits you best.