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Risk Management: Why You Should Ensure Your Staffing Company Does Thorough Background Checks

November 30, 2015 | Staffing Blog

One of the main benefits of hiring a staffing company to help you find employees is that it can help you with risk management. However, you have to choose a good staffing company that you can rely on to perform thorough background checks. These are a few reasons why it is so important for your staffing company to conduct background checks on all potential hires.

Avoid Theft

Employee theft is a more serious problem than many employers realize. Although it’s certainly true that not all employees who steal have been caught, performing background checks can help you catch potential thieves or people who have a history of causing problems at their place of employment. If your staffing company only sends people with clean backgrounds to your business, you can help protect yourself from crime.

Avoid Liability

As an employer, you are liable for what your employees do while they are on the job or are otherwise associated with your business. For example, if an employee attacks a customer or steals from a patron, your business will more than likely be held responsible. Not only can this get expensive, but it can also cause your company’s reputation to fail. By only hiring employees that have clean backgrounds, you can help prevent crimes from occurring. Plus, you can show that you took the proper steps toward preventing employees with records from working for your business.

As you can see, it is very important to choose a staffing company that performs thorough background checks on all potential hires. Do you measure up? Join Our Talent Network Now! Or, if you are looking for a staffing company that you can trust, contact us at Allegiance Staffing today.