Six Tips for Seasonal Staffing | Allegiance

July 3, 2017 | Staffing Blog

When your busy season is bearing down on you and you’re considering hiring temporary employees, keep these six tips in mind.

  • While “It’s only temporary,” it’s also ongoing annually. Watch for job candidates likely to be available during the same season next year. Employees willing to return year-after-year during peak season bring their cumulative experience back—to your benefit as well as theirs.
  • Well-trained employees lead to happy customers. While it may be tempting to cut corners on the training of seasonal employees, in the end it can be costly. Customers see all employees equally and expect top-rate service from your all your company representatives. Budget both time and money for good training.
  • Start recruiting in advance. Many seasonal employees will start seeking employment one or two months before they expect to work. Don’t miss out on the best workers by delaying your seasonal recruitment.
  • Continue screening for more workers throughout the season. Unfortunately, even with the best recruiting and screening, some of your temporary workers may be more temporary than you’d like. Plan ahead for replacing those who might, for unforeseen reasons not make it through the season.
  • Consider using a temporary recruiting service. A temp service allows your staff to go on with the demands of permanent positions. An added tip from Choose one staffing agency to fill all of your seasonal hiring needs, as this may encourage them to focus more on your unique needs.
  • If possible, recruit for permanent positions from your pool of temporary help. Once you’ve reaped the seasonal benefits of finding, training, and maintaining that seasonal staff, make the most of your investment by choosing the best workers to fill openings in your regular year-round staff.

It’s great to have a season of booming business. Allegiance Staffing offers 25 years of experience bringing in quality employees who meet high standards. Contact us today to learn more about how our custom labor solutions can improve your bottom line. Looking for work? Join Our Talent Network Today.