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The Best Temporary Jobs Hiring Right Now

August 8, 2022 | Career Blog

Temporary positions often referred to as temp jobs or temp work, have specific beginning and ending dates. You might fill in for a full-time employee on leave or perform duties for a company that has a set beginning and end date.

Temp work is often an excellent option to find work and build a career because temporary workers can learn new skills, explore different career options, and often turn a temp job into a permanent job.

Temp jobs are also generally much more flexible than long-term positions. To help you think through available options, we put together a list of some of the best temporary jobs available right now.

Make Your Skills Work For You With a Great Temporary Job

Check out our list of in-demand temp jobs to find exciting, enjoyable work that could help accelerate your career path.

1. Warehouse Associate – median U.S. salary of $29,600/year.

A warehouse associate is an excellent entry-level job that can teach you a range of skills. Warehouse associates often receive and process incoming products and then help to organize those products, keeping the warehouse neat. Associates are also often in charge of preparing deliveries and work with other warehouse employees to ensure that the inventory is correct and kept up to date.

  • Receive shipments and process and organize goods or products.
  • Keep warehouse inventory up to date.
  • Prepare deliveries and dispatch items.
  • Work with managers and associates to solve any issues or inventory discrepancies.

2. File Clerk – median U.S. salary of $38,000/year.

File clerks generally have exceptional organizational skills, and they are in charge of organizing paperwork and documents in both physical and digital systems. Many file clerks are tasked with creating their own efficient, functional filing system that benefits the company. Working in a clerical role, you might also be asked to collaborate with other employees to implement new strategies that work well for everyone in the office.

  • Develop or maintain filing systems.
  • Organize physical and digital documents.
  • Keep track of and provide information to customers, managers, and executives.
  • Work with other employees to create more effective filing systems.

3. Customer Service Representative – median U.S. salary of $48,000/year.

If you have good communication and problem-solving skills, a customer service representative might be one of the best temporary jobs for you. Customer service representatives work closely with customers and other employees to communicate information, make sales, and answer questions about products or services. You may work in an office, customer-facing retail location, a call center, or another location.

  • Act as a go-between for customers and the company.
  • Solve shipping, inventory, or quality control issues.
  • Answer questions regarding goods and services.
  • Schedule deliveries or returns.

4. Administrative Assistant – median U.S. salary of $44,000/year.

Administrative assistants perform a range of duties. The work can be fast-paced, making it an exciting, popular option for earning a bit of extra money. Administrative assistants often perform standard office duties, but they must also have excellent organizational and communication skills so they can work closely with the company’s staff or liaison with customers or contractors.

  • Manage schedules and set up appointments or meetings.
  • Keep files organized and accessible.
  • Order supplies and keep the office organized.
  • Work with customers, contractors, and employees.
  • Perform industry-related research.

5. Receptionist – median U.S. salary of $27,000/year.

Receptionists have tasks similar to those of file clerks and administrative assistants, but receptionists often work more closely with customers. Receptionists greet customers and contractors, answer questions, and provide direction. They also take calls, relay messages, and schedule appointments. The fun, fast pace of a receptionist position often makes this work an appealing option when looking to find a temporary job.

  • Answer phones and take messages.
  • Work with customers, visitors, and employees.
  • Greet visitors and employees, answer questions, and schedule appointments.
  • Organize paperwork and perform other office tasks.

6. Order Fulfillment Specialist – median U.S. salary of $32,000/year.

Order fulfillment specialists work in warehouses or large stores. They gather items and prepare them for shipment. These specialists might also receive and organize incoming shipments. Order fulfillment specialists also work closely with other warehouse employees or managers to maintain the correct inventory and make sure there are no inventory issues.

  • Stage items and prepare them for delivery.
  • Update inventory and solve stock discrepancies
  • Keep items organized in their assigned space.
  • Receive and organize shipments efficiently.

7. Human Resources Specialist – median U.S. salary of $62,000/year.

When looking for temp jobs that pay well, human resources specialist is one of the best options available. In this role, you’ll be tasked with creating job postings and identifying the company’s employment needs. Human resources specialists also conduct interviews to assess which employees might be suitable for the company.

  • Identify employment needs and create job listings.
  • Conduct interviews and assess candidates.
  • Conduct background checks.

8. Heavy Equipment Operator – median U.S. salary of $44,000/year.

If you prefer working outdoors or in large warehouses compared to a traditional office, then this job could be a good fit for you! Heavy equipment operators can work in a range of settings, including construction projects or warehouses. Equipment operators might be asked to clear land or move dirt before construction can begin. These skills are also useful for reorganizing a warehouse or moving large quantities of goods.

  • Clear land, remove dirt and debris, or level areas so construction can begin.
  • Move stock and organize a warehouse.
  • Load or unload large or heavy deliveries.

9. Laboratory Assistant – median U.S. salary of $39,000/year.

If you’re interested in science or a career in the health industry, a laboratory assistant position can be a fantastic starting point. Lab assistants help to maintain records and record data. They may also be tasked with preparing test samples and keeping an eye on how the tests are developing.

  • Prepare test samples and monitor test results.
  • Update laboratory records and organize information.
  • Document and report test findings.

10. Food Server – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Foodservice is one of the most popular temporary jobs in the hospitality industry. Food servers are organized, have great communication skills, and enjoy working in fast-paced environments. Servers take orders and serve food and drinks in a restaurant or cafeteria setting. They also work closely with the kitchen staff and help prepare meals, clear tables, and take payments from customers.

  • Take orders and deliver food.
  • Clear and set tables.
  • Take payments from customers.
  • Create an enjoyable dining experience for customers.

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