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The Biggest Lie When Considering Hospitality Custom Labor Solutions

April 5, 2016 | Staffing Blog

Should you fill your hotel jobs with candidates from an indiscriminately run temp agency or should you select vetted professionals from a staffing service that believes in custom labor solutions? If you believe common wisdom, you might just fall for the biggest lie: housekeeping staff and room attendants do not need vetting.

There is a Cost Associated with Bad Customer Service

Based in New Zealand, CTMA has tallied the figures that customer dissatisfaction might cost you. A customer who self-identifies as “somewhat satisfied” translates into a loyalty drop of about 50 percent. For a hotel owner, this might just mean losing the guest to the nearest competitor. Even just one problem can decrease customer loyalty by as much as 25 percent. Since you only hear from 5 percent of the truly dissatisfied customers, you may not even know that you have a problem until your bottom line suffers.

The Face of the Company

Hospitality staff members are the face of the company. If a guest has a bad experience with one of your staff members, you may never find out about it. Even so, the damage is done. Avoiding this problem through hiring of vetted professionals is an excellent step toward protecting your brand from developing a bad reputation.

Facing Seasonal Staff Attrition

There is another reason for working with a staffing service that provides custom labor solutions to your hospitality business: attrition. The National Restaurant Association reports that the industry suffers from a 62.6-percent employee turnover rate. This figure represents an increase for the third year. Falling staffing levels lead to guest dissatisfaction. Working with a staffing service that optimizes your labor solutions can make a big difference in the way your venue is run when compared to that of competitors. Contact us today to learn more about your options and to find out we can customize a solution for your location (or locations).