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The Main Job Titles for Warehouse Employees (And How Much They Pay!)

September 28, 2021 | Career Blog

With the rise of online ordering, warehouse jobs are always in demand. A quick search of any job listing site is likely to turn up dozens of positions in any part of the country. A warehouse job could lead to a promising career if you’re physically fit and aren’t afraid of hard work.

However, if you’re new to the industry, the job titles for warehouse employees can be a bit vague or confusing. Don’t worry. We’ll set the record straight on the meanings behind these warehouse job titles and give you a look at the average salary (courtesy of while we’re at it.

Receiver: ~$14.75/hr

A receiver is in charge of everything coming into the warehouse. They’re responsible for recording and verifying each shipment and making sure that everything is in order. After a shipment is unloaded, the receiver checks the packing slip, records any damages to the items, and ensures that everything is shelved or stored properly.

This position is great for detail-oriented people who aren’t afraid to take a bit of a leadership role, as receivers often help train new employees.

Warehouse Associate: ~$15.00/hr

Warehouse Associates are often responsible for a variety of tasks. They’ll help unload shipments, go through stock to fill orders, pack and ship orders, and sometimes even deliver those orders in a truck or van.

As with all of the positions on this list, only hard workers should apply. You’ll need to be comfortable helping out all over the warehouse in any way asked of you.

Forklift Operator: ~$16.50/hr

This is one job title that probably doesn’t need much explanation. Forklift Operators need to operate and manage industrial trucks and similar equipment to load and unload merchandise. Depending on the job, you may need to be skilled in several environments, such as loading bays, loading onto trains, and more.

You’ll be required to get certified to operate a forklift in order to be considered for this role. Warehouses are looking for operators who can balance speed with safety. Damaged merchandise and injured employees are too steep a price to pay for driving quickly.

Warehouse Manager: ~$27.88/hr

The manager oversees all aspects of the warehouse operations, from receiving, to storage, to distribution. They also oversee the performance of each team member to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Typically, companies want at least five years of experience in a warehouse environment before considering an employee for manager. As with all manager positions, the most important skill is the ability to lead people. Managers must be a source of motivation, empathy, inspiration, and respect.

Start Your Warehouse Career Today

Working in a warehouse can be a very rewarding career if you’re willing to put in the hours and the physical exertion required. As with most career paths, you’ll get out of it what you put in. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way to your ideal job! (Pro Tip: Do one thing every day that isn’t in your job description. Managers notice.)

If you’re ready to get going, don’t put it off any longer. Start looking for the warehouse job that suits you today.