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Top Paying Night Shift Jobs That Require No Education

By Allegiance Staffing
April 16, 2018

Many shy away from the jobs that ask you to work the graveyard shift, but you might not want to rule them out so quickly. Due to the fact that employers have such a difficult time filling these positions, a lot of them offer a more meaty paycheck to make the job enticing.

Sure, your schedule might be a little different than what you are used to, but you will have the benefit of making way more than those who choose to do the same job during the day. Even better, you do not have to spend the time and money getting a college degree to be considered eligible. If you are really looking for where the money is and need a job now, these positions are always open for people that are willing to become full-time night owls.

*Note: The majority of the following data was pulled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ assessments from 2016.
Duties, Requirements, and Compensation

Construction Equipment Operators
Median pay: $45,040 per year
Highest pay: Above $79,700 per year
Job outlook: The BLS predicts construction equipment operator employment to grow 12% from 2016 until 2026 with the expectation for such employees to be able to operate multiple types of newly created equipment

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Reporting any malfunctions the equipment has to supervisors
  • Moving levers, pushing pedals and turning valves to control the equipment
  • Driving equipment
  • Following proper safety protocols
  • Directing crew members using hand and audio signals

Median pay: $43,160 per year
Highest pay: Above $62,590
Job outlook: The BLS sees little change occurring for a machinist employment from 2016 until 2026

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Interpreting blueprints and sketches for instruction
  • Setting up, operating and disassembling machinery
  • Securing and adjusting cutting tools
  • Monitoring machinery functions
  • Drilling and shaping machine parts
  • Examining completely products for any defects
  • Presenting finished products to customers and taking notes for modification needed

Truck Drivers
Median pay: $41,340 per year
Highest pay: Above $63,140
Job outlook: The BLS predicts trucker driver employment to grow 6% from 2016 until 2026

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Driving long distances
  • Reporting incidents to the dispatcher
  • Following traffic laws
  • Ensuring all cargo is intact
  • Maintenance of logs
  • Reporting any mechanical problems
  • Keeping the truck clean and in good working condition

Metal and Plastic Machine Workers
Median pay: $34,840 per year
Highest pay: Above $54,600
Job outlook: The BLS predicts a potential 9% decline for employment from 2016 until 2026 due to “advance in technology and foreign competition”

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Assembling and operating machines that form metal and plastic
  • Reading blueprints to comprehend what they are assigned to produce
  • Diagnosing and repairing issues with machinery function
  • Working with a variety of different types of machines, such as drawing, rolling, cutting, Drilling, grinding, molding and casting
  • Inspecting the finished product for any defects

Hand Laborers and Material Movers
Median pay: $24,880
Highest pay: Above $41,570
Job outlook: The BLS predicts hand laborer and material mover employment to grow 7% from now 2016 to 2026

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Moving materials manually from one place to another
  • Packaging products by hand
  • Recording materials moved
  • Keeping the workplace clean and organized

Personal Caregivers
Median pay: $22,170 per year
Highest pay: Above $29,760 per year
Job outlook: The BLS predicts personal caregiver’s employment to grow 41% from 2016 until 2026 as the elderly population continues to grow

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Helping clients with their daily needs
  • Housekeeping
  • Arranging and organizing the client’s schedule
  • Arranging transportation to the client’s appointments
  • Shopping for the client’s groceries and preparing their meals

Customer Service Representatives
Median pay: $15.53 per hour
Highest pay: Above $25.83 per hour
Job outlook: The BLS predicts that customer services employment will grow 5% from 2016 to 2026

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Attending to any questions or concerns a customer has
  • Providing customers with details about the product and services
  • Taking orders and processing payments
  • Appeasing customers with complaints
  • Referring customers to supervisors

Bartenders For Upscale Establishments
Median pay: $10 per hour
Highest pay: Above $19.34 per hour
Job outlook: The BLS predicts bartender employment to grow around 2% from 2016 until 2026

Common duties and responsibilities:

  • Taking drink orders and preparing mixed drinks for patrons at the barChecking for proper identification from patrons to ensure they are of legal drinking age
  • Setting up bar area, such as filling ice machines, polishing glasses, cutting fruit, putting out ashtrays and candles, arranging shakers and pitchers, etc
  • Tearing down the bar and cleaning
  • Counting the money drawer and depositing cash in the safe
  • Handling tips, cash, and credit card transactions in accordance with the establishment’s policies
  • Keeping patrons comfortable and carrying on positive and friendly conversation
  • Monitoring the appropriate amount of alcoholic beverages each patron has consumed and knowing when to cease service to ensure their safety and prevent any liability issues for the establishment

Career Options for All Interests

Finding a good job does not have to be hard. There are many well-paid career options out there that do not require higher education. With the assistance of experts, you can be sure that you will only be applying to reliable companies where making a living is truly possible. Link up with a staffing agency and you can find a job that truly fits you and the skills you inherently possess. What are you waiting for?



Hi! I must obtain a Night-Shift ASAP. BEEN on the down; had some property issues. I am able and ready to begin again. Until the situation occurred, I was committed to a 3rd Shift position in a factory. Love it and miss it!

Good morning my name is Yolanda Lamb, and I am very interested in finding a night job in the customer service field. I have over 27 year of experience.

Hello my name is Amber Ihaza, I am currently looking for a overnight ware house job. I don’t have any warehouse experience but I have a lot of customer service. I want something that’s gonna keep me busy at night.

Need a grave yard shift pays more and that’s the shift for me.. I can start anytime thanks Bobby.

Looking for 3rd shift machine job I’ve 3 years of experience in operating mechines.

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