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6 Benefits of Using Wearable Devices in the Supply Chain

May 19, 2020 | Staffing Blog

It’s no surprise that wearable technology became popular within the supply chain. Depending on the type of technology being used, it can greatly enhance communication, productivity, and safety amongst users. Think about how easy it could be for a worker in the warehouse to set down their mobile device just to forget where they put it. That is just one very simple example of how being able to wear it is beneficial. What are the other benefits of wearable technology? Keep reading to find out.

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology, also referred to as ‘wearables’, refers to devices that are often connected to the internet or to other devices that can be used to enhance communication. This technology is worn on the body, freeing up the hands so they can be better used for the tasks at hand. It is essentially a tablet that is worn on the wrist, face, head, or other body parts. Valuable wearable tools in the supply chain include devices for hands-free picking, sorting, and scan verification.
How Wearable Technology Impacts Communication, Productivity, & Safety
Your supply chain will undoubtedly be positively transformed by wearable technology. Here are the benefits that companies are seeing once they weave these tools into their everyday systems:

1. Speedy Workflow

When it comes to time in the supply chain, every second misused is a second wasted. Having to carry around a computer or other mobile device means setting it down, picking it up, and locating it when it’s lost. Supplying your team with devices that free up their hands allows them to be more efficient with their time and complete tasks much quicker as a result. It is also worth mentioning that most wearables are made with updated technology, allowing things to run smoother and more efficiently.

2. Significant Productivity

Updated technology is a valuable asset for any team. The culture we now live in depends on it greatly. Customers expect faster delivery time, and slow-moving technology often includes a lot of unnecessary tinkering. Hand-free scanners increase the team’s ability to more efficiently load trucks, transfer materials, sell to customers, and more.

3. Heightened Accuracy

Using hands-free scanners reduces errors that often those in the supply chain come across with machinery malfunctions. When workers don’t have to put their efforts into handling a difficult piece of equipment, they are then able to put all of their focus in properly tackling the task at hand. Eliminating such interruptions results in a seamless workflow and more accurate results.

4. Workers Are Better Informed

Another result of your workers being able to focus more of their attention on their tasks and the environment they’re working in is heightened awareness. Wearable technology is designed to fit comfortably and create limited distractions. They will consequently be more engaged with their surroundings, have less cause for irritation and discomfort, and absorb more information on a daily basis.

5. Inefficiency Awareness

What comes along with the ability to be more efficient is also the awareness of where inefficiencies exist. Once you are able to define what is slowing you down in your processes, you can eliminate your crutches with confidence. Wearable technology also logs valuable information that can be revisited by the company’s ERP who can identify inefficiencies and come up with more sound solutions.

6. Improved Safety

It’s well known amongst those that work in the supply chain that doing so comes with some risks. Working in a warehouse means dealing with heavy loads and operating large machinery. Each team member is trained thoroughly on proper safety protocols and these are never to be taken lightly. Hot or freezing temperatures can also make tasks more difficult and present risks. Wearable technology can monitor an employee’s heart rate and notify them when they need to rest. Also, as it eliminates distractions increases awareness, workers are less likely to make mistakes that result in injury.

Build Your Super Team

It’s pretty safe to say that wearable technology can really up your team’s performance in the supply chain. Still, it doesn’t turn poor workers into strong ones. Make sure you are still hiring people who show up to work hard and succeed. Need help building your super team? Allegiance Staffing specializes in finding exceptional employees in the supply chain. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help you staff for success.