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We Offer Industrial Staffing Solutions in These Industries

October 25, 2023 | Staffing Blog

Is your company in need of new employees? Does your team function best with a mixture of full-time, temporary, and contract workers?

At Allegiance Staffing, we’ve built our reputation on placing highly skilled workers in industrial companies that need the right talent for the job. We’re proud to provide industrial staffing solutions for companies in industries that make up the backbone of our country.

Which Industries Do We Support with Industrial Staffing?

Industrial staffing isn’t all about finding talent to operate heavy machinery. Companies like Allegiance draw from a diverse network of skilled workers and staff associates to fill a variety of roles.

From assembly line workers and forklift operators to concierge and healthcare services, we place our candidates in roles best suited to their experiences so that retention rates and satisfaction remain high.


Companies in warehouse and logistics need access to talent who will work hard, pay attention to detail, and be effective team players. We source talent who are proficient in inventory management, operating machinery like forklifts, and adhering to safety protocols.

We also work with talent on being adaptable to changing situations, exhibiting strong communication skills, and having a positive attitude.

Allegiance helps you find dependable employees who will be on time, work hard, and comply with safety requirements in the warehouse. We keep their morale high by offering them fair wages and access to respectable work environments.


Industrial manufacturing companies rely on a network of skilled laborers who can complete a variety of skilled tasks that result in a final product. On top of being able to assemble, pick, pack, and ship, they must also be versed in using specialized machinery while staying on top of safety protocols and production schedules.

When your team is more productive, company profits are higher. By offering competitive pay and continuous safety training, we help you retain the best workers and contribute to their expanding careers.

Call Centers

Call center operators are often the first point of contact a customer has with your company. This means you need employees who will accurately represent your business and give potential clients a great first impression.

Having excellent communication skills is paramount, but we also look for candidates with professionalism, patience, and an even temper to keep the channels open and the callers happy.

Whether someone is calling in to discuss a quote, review a new project, or file a complaint, your call center staff needs to be able to think fast and solve problems on the fly. Allegiance looks for applicants who exhibit a high degree of computer literacy and combine a hardy work ethic with a positive, approachable attitude.


The back office needs highly capable clerical staff to function properly. Everything that needs to be done in order for a business to run smoothly comes down to administrative workers who connect multiple departments, file paperwork, answer phones, and enter data. 

This is a varied position with some roles that are more public-facing (like receptionists and secretaries) as well as more specific, internal jobs like human resource assistants and file clerks.

Allegiance uses a 3-Phase Hiring Process to identify reliable and ethically sound individuals who can work in this multi-faceted position.

See What Allegiance Can Do For Your Industrial Business

Allegiance alleviates the stress of filling short-term and long-term roles for your industrial company. We aim to save your company time and money while providing you with top-tier talent for each role.

Learn more about partnering with us to implement an industrial staffing solution. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your specific talent needs.