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What to Do About Over 100 Severe Injuries

April 20, 2016 | Staffing Blog

Over 100 Severe Injuries – Reported by Temporary Help Firms

The Insurance Management Network is alerting staffing agencies to over 100 severe injuries – reported by temporary help firms – just in the last year. Since the beginning of 2016, there have already been four injuries that would fall under the heading of “severe.” It is clear that these statistics call for decisive actions by staffing agencies.

Understanding the Potential Problems Behind the Numbers

Why are temporary workers injured? When we send properly vetted, trained and enthusiastic workers to a broad range of client companies, they have the knowledge, experience and understanding of safety protocols needed to perform their jobs following industry standards. OSHA suggests that there are three possible reasons why injuries nevertheless occur.

  1. Improper work assignments for temporary workers.
  2. Fear of retaliation.
  3. Inadequate health and safety training.

The Allegiance Staffing Way of Protecting Our Workers

Did you know that we have in place a protocol of rigorous safety standards? As a result, we have an injury rate of only 11 occurrences for every 200,000 hours worked. By comparison, the industry average for this workload is 41 events. How did we do it?

  • Comprehensive hiring process. Our experts work with prospective staff members during the hiring process to assess the extent of job training, knowledge, experience and education. Over the course of three days, we vet applicants to ensure that we only send well-rounded temporary employees to clients’ facilities. Part of this vetting is an extensive safety procedure review that is germane to their assigned jobs.
  • Clear communication. We work with our clients to draft services agreements that spell out in minute detail the work that temporary employees will perform. Doing so allows us to send the most suitable workers to the job sites. This practice also protects our workers from being placed in positions that they are not trained to perform. As a result, injury rates drop dramatically.
  • Caring attitude. We stand behind our workers. If there were a problem with the client agency, our employees know that we are there to make it right. Of course, avoiding these problems in the first place is the job of our staffing specialists.