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What’s Color Got to Do with Job Interview Success?

October 14, 2014 | Career Blog

Colors Enhance Job Interview SuccessAs long as you don’t wear your low-riding jeans and tube top to a job interview, you’re set, right? Well, there’s a little more to it than pulling any ‘ol suit, tie or button-up blouse out of your closet. You might want to consider the color of the outfit you’ve selected for your job interview.

CareerBuilder surveyed hiring managers and human resource professionals about the best color to wear to a job interview. The top picks were blue (23%) and black (15%). The worst color? Orange, which 25% of hiring mangers suggested job candidates avoid because it’s often associated with someone who is unprofessional. Black, blue, gray and brown are perceived as professional.

But here’s a breakdown of how colors are perceived, according to the survey:

  • Black – Leadership
  • Blue – Team Player
  • Gray – Logical/Analytical
  • White – Organized
  • Brown – Dependable
  • Red – Power
  • Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple – Creative

This is a great starting point for selecting your job interview attire. You can also tailor the color of your dress or suit to the kind of job, the workplace setting and the attributes you want to convey. If you’re interviewing for a management job, stick to black and look like a leader.

If you’re interviewing for an administrative or executive assistant position, you might select white so you appear organized and therefore able to keep the boss’ schedule on track.

Green or yellow might be perfectly appropriate for an interview at a tech firm or a marketing agency where creativity is highly valued.

Check out this article from Fast Company with added tips for which colors lead to a successful interview. Picking the right color could lead to a terrific new job that leaves you positively “yellow” with happiness.