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Workplace Safety and Keeping Workplaces Warm | Alleigance

November 20, 2017 | Staffing Blog

Keeping Workplaces Heated

People who work in certain fields might not notice seasonal variations all that much. Employees who primarily or exclusively work indoors might only notice the winter weather when they leave work. However, winter weather will still have an impact on them in a few important ways. All employers are responsible for making sure that their workplaces are adequately heated.

OSHA guidelines related to workplace temperatures are relatively flexible. It’s recommended that employers get the temperature of workplaces in the range of 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If workplace temperatures are low enough to cause hypothermia, then employers should be concerned about violating OSHA regulations concerning the safety of employees.

Temperature and Workplace Safety

Employers need to remember that the temperature of a given workplace is relevant to workplace safety. Some employees will have pronounced medical conditions related to temperature sensitivity. However, even when these conditions are not present, employees must work in comfortable temperatures in order to stay safe and productive.

All employers have to worry about the temperature of working areas throughout the year. They need to provide adequate air conditioning when it starts getting hot again. There will be certain points throughout the year where the temperature will vary dramatically, and employers need to make sure that their workers are safe and comfortable all the while.

The Needs of Workers

In some industries, employers will just need to make sure that the furnaces and heating systems in their buildings are working well enough before it starts getting cold. In other industries, employees might need gloves, winter uniforms, and other forms of protection against the cold.

This might be the case for the employees who at least partly work outdoors. Employers need to make sure that they are able to monitor the temperature of their workplaces accurately, which will make it easier to prevent real issues.

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