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10 Professional Jobs for Night Owls

September 26, 2022 | Career Blog

Whether you feel more awake and energetic during the evening hours or have obligations preventing you from working during the day, there are plenty of reasons to look for night shift jobs.

Many people find that working part-time or full-time during the graveyard shift is quieter, less stressful, and very rewarding. Fortunately, there are plenty of great professional jobs for night owls, no matter what industry you’re interested in!

Night Shift Positions: Find Work That Suits Your Schedule

1. Remote Customer Service Representative – median U.S. salary of $48,000/year.

Most customer service representatives work during daytime hours, but there’s often a need for customer service help at any hour of the day or night, typically in a call center environment. If a customer needs immediate help, they can quickly get in touch with a customer service representative who can answer questions or help them solve their issue. An advantage for night owls is that many customer service jobs in the overnight window are remote.

  • Take calls and answer any customer questions
  • Resolve potential issues while acting as a go-between for the company and customers
  • Assist with scheduling returns, maintenance, or deliveries

2. Warehouse Associate – median U.S. salary of $29,600/year.

Warehouse associates often work around the clock to keep the warehouse organized and ensure that all deliveries or production goals are met on time. Warehouse associates working nights might receive late shipments or put together deliveries for the next day. These associates are also often in charge of organizing and maintaining accurate inventory.

  • Receive shipments and organize incoming goods
  • Prepare deliveries for the following day
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory
  • Keep the warehouse neat and organized

3. Front Desk Clerk – median U.S. salary of $27,600/year.

A front desk clerk is one of the most surprising professional jobs for night owls. Although it’s true that most front desk clerks work during the day, many businesses that are open through the night or accept deliveries overnight require someone to watch the front desk.

For example, hotels and other hospitality businesses need employees to be at the front desk around the clock to answer the phone and support the needs of guests.

In a typical industrial setting, front desk clerks work with customers and other staff to organize products, schedule deliveries, ship items, and perform other clerical duties as needed. These clerks also answer any questions that anyone visiting the facility after hours might have.

  • Answer phone calls and take messages
  • Organize inventory and schedule deliveries and shipments
  • Work with other staff members and liaison with customers

4. Order Fulfillment Specialist – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Order fulfillment specialists often work overnight to prepare orders for the next day. Gathering products, packaging them, and creating shipping labels are common tasks for order fulfillment specialists. These specialists might also receive incoming shipments and organize the inventory.  Order fulfillment specialists often receive on-the-job training as they work, which creates the opportunity for upward mobility in the company.

  • Receive shipments and organize new inventory items
  • Gather together products and package them for delivery
  • Create shipping labels
  • Keep the inventory updated and correct

5. Cafeteria Staff – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Cafeteria staff are essential to many businesses, but they’re particularly vital in settings such as hospitals. Many hospital cafeterias are open 24 hours per day, serving meals or snacks to doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. Cafeteria staff positions generally only require a high school diploma, but they can be very rewarding, and the staff is often close-knit.

  • Prepare fresh meals
  • Take orders and serve food
  • Keep the kitchen and seating areas clean
  • Take payments and make each experience enjoyable for the customers

6. Certified Forklift Operator – median U.S. salary of $31,600/year.

Certified forklift operators are a valuable part of most warehouse and manufacturing workplaces. Many forklift operators choose to work night shifts, and they will often help with loading and unloading shipments or organizing products and goods. Certified forklift operators also work with other warehouse associates to keep track of inventory and ensure the warehouse stays tidy.

  • Load and unload large shipments and deliveries
  • Move products or stock
  • Keep the warehouse organized and maintain an up-to-date inventory

7. Hospital Admissions Clerk – median U.S. salary of $31,200/year.

Hospitals rarely sleep, making them a fantastic option for night owls. Hospital admissions clerks work around the clock to help patients check into their rooms. They can also work with doctors and nurses to organize when patients should be seen or schedule later appointments.

Hospital admissions clerks also make sure that each patient fills out the correct paperwork, then they organize and file that paperwork into the hospital’s database. If a patient’s information isn’t correct, admissions clerks will update the information and add any missing paperwork or insurance documents.

  • Help patients check in and answer any patient questions
  • Work with doctors and nurses to schedule appointments
  • Organize and file paperwork
  • Update patient information as necessary

8. Laundry or Housekeeping Staff – median U.S. salary of $21,800/year.

Laundry and housekeeping staff work to keep businesses, such as hotels or hospitals, clean and ensure that necessary supplies, such as towels, are always available. Housekeepers will often change bedding or gather up towels or washcloths. They do the laundry, fold sheets and other linens, vacuum, clean bathrooms, and keep spaces neat. Much of this work is done after normal business hours so housekeepers can work without interruption or without disturbing patients or guests.

  • Change beds and gather used towels or cloths
  • Wash laundry and return clean items to the correct areas
  • Vacuum, dust, and perform other light cleaning duties

9. Certified Nursing Technician – median U.S. salary of $33,600/year.

Certified nursing technicians work with sick, disabled, or elderly patients. These technicians perform routine tasks that make their patients’ lives easier. They might help dispense medication, change bandages, or offer medical opinions. They can also check a patient’s status or provide information about the patient’s recovery progress or various health issues. In some cases, these nursing duties can be performed remotely.

  • Ensure patients take their proper medication dosages
  • Change bandages and monitor patient progress
  • Keep accurate records regarding patients’ statuses and health issues
  • Help patients perform routine daily tasks, such as bathing

10. Patient Assistance Associate – median U.S. salary of $29,000/year.

Patient assistance associates are usually tasked with monitoring patients’ vital signs, ensuring that they’re comfortable and have everything they need, and performing basic healthcare tasks. Patient assistance associates are often needed for overnight shifts to monitor the patient around the clock. They’re also able to provide any help if the patient wakes up in discomfort, and they can soothe patients who are confused or scared.

  • Monitor patients through the night and keep an eye on their vital signs
  • Be available if patients require help or medication at night
  • Make nights more comfortable and less confusing for patients

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