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2019 Staffing Resource Predictions You Need to Know

December 10, 2018 | Staffing Blog

New recruiting tactics started unfolding in 2018 which we will see completely come into fruition within the coming year. These updated methods will define a good amount of new and old company’s staffing systems. As technology continues to progress, most of the world will follow suit.

Staffing Predictions for 2019

Whether they be experimental trends or solid methods worth holding onto, we predict that the following will be common resources for staffing in the 2019 year.

Online Profiles

In order to represent themselves well and attract desirable employees, companies will use social media more and more to create a persona that people will want to be a part of. According to one recent study, 79% of individuals searching for jobs will be looking over companies’ online profiles to determine how appealing they are. Because of this, businesses are prioritizing these profiles to ensure that they accurately portray their motivations and morale.

Mobilizing Recruitment

These days, most candidates look for jobs on their mobile devices. The industry has taken a bit longer to catch up with this behavior, but it seems that recruiters have finally fully stepped up to the plate. But 89% of candidates use mobile platforms to search for jobs, according to Glassdoor.

The easier for them to be able to submit their applications through these platforms, the more effective they will be. If a company wants to see an increase in their job applicants and submissions, making it easy to apply with a mobile device will help tremendously.

More Flexible Working Conditions

Freelance work and temp jobs are increasingly becoming preferential from the perspective of both employer and employee. It is becoming more common for employees prefer to take contract work if the opportunity presents itself.

Even more are attracted to jobs that allow them to work remotely, as most freelance work does. Not all jobs will switch over to being primarily temporary, but a high percentage of job seekers are becoming drawn to taking these positions, and we expect that percentage will continue to grow.

Talent Relationship Management & Hiring From Within

Up until now, HR departments have struggled to understand the importance of developing strong enough relationships with current talent in order to continue to recruit employees they can depend on. Almost half of companies most successful hires come from recommendations by current staff. Due to the steady success rate, we anticipate that it will become more commonplace for companies to use this as a standard recruitment tool.

Using The Assistance Of A Staffing Agency

As the most productive recruitment tools continue to be refined each year, staffing agencies make it their priority to keep on top of the most useful information in order to staff efficiently. Maintaining a strong and dependable staff is difficult. Even if a business finds themselves with a good crew for an extended period of time, people will eventually move on and have to be replaced. To ensure that they are always able to fill their positions in a timely fashion with dependable individuals, many are turning and will continue to turn to the assistance of a staffing agency.

In Conclusion

If a company wishes to recruit talented employees that can do the job right, it is very important that they are aware of current hiring methods. With the amount of jobs that are being posted every day, the market today demands some more effort from the recruiter’s side. Often times, keeping on top of this task can be too much for an HR department, and this is where a staffing agency can be a great help. For more information on effective recruiting methods and how a staffing agency covers them all, reach out to our team here.