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5 Tips for Finding a Job in 2019

December 3, 2018 | Career Blog

There is no denying that job searching is stressful. The majority of people feel this way, no matter if they possess a college degree or are just beginning to explore career options. There are so many directions that you can go in, but you want to be sure that you make the right choices and apply for the positions that are best suited to your talents. On top of that, with all of life’s uncertainties, you want to know that you are responding to job postings that are dependable.

Job Search Tips for 2019

In short, we want to make sure you know the best ways to find the job you are looking for in 2019, so we have made a list of five tips to do just that.

1. Know How To Use Online Resources

The internet has made job searching an entirely new game for those who know how to use it properly. It has become very rare for people to look for job openings in their morning newspaper. Moving into 2019, the amount of internet recruitment platforms will continue to increase exponentially.

You will also notice that companies will make it easier for you to be able to apply for a job with them right there on their website. This has already become quite common, but those companies who have taken a backseat to utilize the internet are finally seeing how it impairs them. The more that you know how to navigate these sites and platforms, the easier it will be for you to apply for the positions you want.

2. Have A Clear Understanding Of Your Skill Sets

After a company posts a job listing, they get a slew of responses, and a lot of them are from people who are not qualified for the position. Because of this, you want to make sure that your resume clearly indicates why it is that you are right for the job that you are applying for. Recruiters will want to know the skills you possess so they can place you in the appropriate position. This will allow you to search for the jobs that are right for you, as well as help recruiters if you decide to ask for some assistance.

3. Customize Your Resume As You Apply For Different Jobs

You may be applying to jobs that are all very similar to one another, but the more you can tailor your resume to each unique position, the better. Do research on the company and see what you can find on the type of employees they tend to hire. If you can gauge what they are looking for, this will help you to fine tune your resume and it will be more likely that you will stand out to the employer or hiring manager.

4. Make Sure You Are Properly Prepared For Your Interview

Even if you have interviewed a lot and feel confident about your work ethic, nerves have a tendency of getting in the way of that. If the employer asks you a question you do not have an answer for, it can really derail things quick. There are a lot of ways that you can prepare for an interview. Some examples are:

  • Researching the company that you are interviewing with
  • Looking up common interview questions and preplanning your answers for them
  • Finding any background information you can on the individual you are interviewing with
  • Doing a practice interview with a close friend or family member

5. Follow Up With The Employer After The Interview

It is always a good idea to send an email over to the hiring manager or employer a day or two after you have concluded your interview. This shows them that you really want the job and are not just hopping around to any opportunity that is out there and that you have good communication skills. It also reminds them about you, which can’t hurt, considering that they could be doing multiple interviews a day.

In Conclusion

We are in the age of the internet, so the more that you know how to use it to your advantage, the better you will be at finding the job that could turn into your career. In addition, it will always be important that your resume is professional and truly communicates your assets. If you need any helps in building your resume and finding a job, we are here for you.

Reach out to our team now and we will begin the process of matching you to the job the best suits you.