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2020 Staffing Trends We Are Seeing Take Shape

December 10, 2019 | Staffing Blog

2020 is a big year for staffing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been working up to it for some time now as job markets continue to expand. Based on their statistics, many job seekers will be looking to play their hand and dabble in new markets. This may seem promising for you. After all, it always helps to have a big pool to choose from. But keep in mind that candidates will not be ready to settle.

Staffing Trends for the Coming Year

There are a lot of opportunities out there, so it’s important to know what sets you apart and makes you a desirable option for them. Keep reading for some 2020 staffing trends to look out for as you head into the new year.

1. Millennials Have Expectations

A report done by Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality found that, because millennials will make up more than one-third of the working population in 2020, these employees will have a large effect on corporate culture. Millennial expectations include creative and flexible ideals, transparent and quick communication, and the embracing of a mission on social impacts and diversity. Adhering to such trends will make your work environment more appealing to the common worker, and not doing so will inevitably make it more difficult for you to draw in staff. How can your company adequately adapt to these expectations and retain millennial talent? A few tips:

  • Invest in advanced technology and execute digital competency.
  • Adhere to work-life satisfaction by being flexible with scheduling.
  • Be open and willing to adapt to change, showing your staff you are ready to listen and adjust based on new trends in your industry.

2. Employer Branding is Key

What is an employer brand? This term describes the way that your prospective employees view you based on the reputation you have accrued. It is what attracts your ideal candidate, so you want to make sure you are focused on coming off the right way. LinkedIn did research that found that 75% of job seekers look up a company in search of anything they can find on their reputation. Take a moment to Google yourself and see what people are saying about you online. Does your company look appealing? What are the first things that come up in the search engine? This is why your social media activity is so important. By putting special care into your posts, you have a certain amount of control over your online presence and the people that are attracted to working for you.

3. Outsourcing Staffing Brings Results

With so many fish in the sea, it can become pretty difficult to sift through them all and know you’re ending up with the best. Employers have grown tired of hiring a promising new employee just to find that they had lied on their resume or that their true interest lies elsewhere. Staffing is not easy, and that’s why finding and keeping good employees is so important. A staffing professional’s main focus is to provide that for you. They know that you want to be spending your time on the success of your business, and not scrambling to make sure you have enough employees to make that possible. This is why it has become so popular for companies to turn to staffing agencies.

We’re Here to Help!

Allegiance Staffing is here to help you navigate the staffing trends of 2020. Let us take the reigns and make sure you are set up with a staff that fits the culture you have created. For more information on how we can keep you well equipped and ahead of the times, reach out to us here.