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How Much Does a Staffing Company Charge?

December 17, 2019 | Staffing Blog

Many people think that it will cost them money to work with a staffing agency to find a job. In actuality it is usually the employer who pays the fees. There is no cost to the employee who is searching for a job.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a job and don’t know about the benefits of working with a staffing agency, it is time to find out! Keep reading to learn more about the services that a staffing agency will provide you free of charge.

What a Staffing Agency Does

Staffing agencies like Allegiance Staffing are hired by the employer to match workers like you with temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent positions. Those that fill temporary positions will continue to provide you with new opportunities as the current one is ending.

Some benefits of working in temporary positions include:

  • Being able to earn quick money while looking for a permanent job.
  • Gaining experience, developing skills, and networking in the field that you wish to grow within.
  • Flexible hours and working conditions that could possibly accommodate your existing personal situation.
  • The opportunity to get your foot in the door at a business you like, show them what you’ve got, so they end up deciding to hire you on full-time.
  • The opportunity for you to test out the company or industry yourself and see if it is the kind of environment you would like to continue in.

More services that staffing agencies provide:

Not only do staffing agencies work to place you in the type of work that will most benefit you and the employer that hired them, they will also often help you to put your best foot forward by:

  • Helping you build and optimize your resume to fit the qualifications for the job.
  • Coach you on your interviewing skills.
  • Providing you with the support of health benefits if you work with them on a continuous basis.
  • Continue to work with you on your work environment preferences.

Tips for Working with a Staffing Agency

Do your research on the staffing agency you are considering and make sure you are clear on what to expect from them and what’s expected of you. Ask them right off the bat whether it will cost you anything (some agencies do charge a fee for the employee while many others do not). If you are engaging in a short term position, ask about the pay rate, benefits, and the length of assignments. Be transparent about your availability, if you are willing to work overtime, and what your transportation and money needs are.

How to Find a Staffing Agency in Your Area

Each staffing agency specializes in one or multiple industries and the employees that are interested in moving forward in these fields. If you know exactly the kind of work you are looking for, then go for an agency that specializes in that industry and has a good reputation. If you are unsure of what kind of work you want, then going for an agency with a selection of industries to try out would be your best bet. Allegiance Staffing has clients all around the country within the warehouse, light manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, and clerical industries. This provides a lot of opportunities for employees and usually means we have a position for just about anyone in search.

Are you looking for a staffing agency that will help you find a job free of charge? Reach out to us here and we can get you started today.