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3 Simple Steps Toward OSHA Compliance

November 7, 2016 | Staffing Blog

From warehouses to bakeries most businesses deal with OSHA standards and regulations on a daily basis, whether it is consciously or not. For some this may seem straightforward, but for many, dealing with OSHA seems like an overwhelming unknown. So how can businesses untangle the guidelines and standards to ensure compliance and workplace safety? The steps are not as complex as they might seem.

1. Designate a Specialist

Not everyone needs to know all of the rules and regulations. By designating one person, or a group of people depending on the size of your company, to learn and understand OSHA compliance, you take the burden off of everyone else. Traits to look for in someone who would do well in this role include attention to detail, a penchant for rule-following, and the inclination to teach or train others.

2. Keep Up-to-Date On Training

While not everyone needs to know everything, each employee must be kept up-to-date with changes in policies and season specific regulations. In addition to understanding OSHA compliance, your specialist must determine what is imperative for other employees to know. Whether your OSHA specialist runs the training for new and current employees or works with other trainers to develop and deliver the training, all employees must have current and applicable knowledge of OSHA compliance and how to carry it out in their specific positions.

3. Select Employees Carefully

Selecting employees who are willing and able to comply with OSHA standards is important for the safety of your company — physical and legal. Whether you are hiring for full-time, part-time, or even seasonal positions, a potential employee’s record often predicts how much motivation they have to follow these rules. While successful screening for this trait  is difficult, professional staffing companiesoffer a perfect solution.


OSHA compliance does not have to be overwhelming. Delegating tasks, consistent training, and careful hiring makes compliance far simpler, resulting in a safer environment and a more streamlined production process.

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