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Seasonal Staffing: How to Ensure Your Needs Are Met

November 14, 2016 | Staffing Blog

If you have a need for heightened staffing around certain seasons, it’s a good idea to plan for meeting your needs for seasonal staffing.

Holiday periods, for example, may need quite a few more people on hand than your usual staff. You may also need a training period to ensure adequate staff preparation.

You also want people who accept and understand that the job is only seasonal, and not a tryout for a permanent position.

It can be difficult, though, to find people who only want to work during the holidays. How to ensure that you attract and recruit these people?

First, target people who only want to work during the holidays specifically. Don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all job posting to garner these folks.

If you’ve had past good-performing seasonal workers, send them an e-mail blast several months in advance of your need. The message can be developed to ask if they want to work during the coming season, with specific steps to take if they do.

Second, target friends and family of existing workers or past good seasonal workers. The e-mail above can be crafted to ask, in the last paragraph, if they know of anyone wanting to work seasonally. Again, specific steps on what to do is helpful.

Then, ask current permanent employees for referrals. Friends and family who know people who want to work seasonally are terrific resources. Seasonal work is often ideal for part-time workers and stay at home moms, for example. Their friends and family are ideally positions to know.

Finally, put yourself in the position of a job seeker. Include “holiday work” or “seasonal work” as a keyword in your postings. They are going to be typing those words into a search box, so make sure that your positions come up!

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