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3 Tips to Optimize Workforce Staffing Right Now

June 21, 2023 | Staffing Blog

Workforce staffing is a critical aspect of operating an industrial company. No matter how much money you invest in buying the newest equipment and streamlining business processes, it’s all for naught if you don’t have the right people using the equipment you’ve purchased. 

As is the case with all aspects of business, there are some workforce staffing trends that industrial companies are currently following. Learn more about these trends and how they can help you take your business to the next level.

Implement These Tips to Maximize Workforce Staffing

Ensure you have the right people in the right role to get the job done. Take a look at some trendy methods to support your efforts in creating a more cohesive and productive workforce.

1. Use Technology in New Ways

Technology is constantly evolving to support the recruiting and hiring process. The latest tools provide a number of helpful options for business owners and managers who need to solve workforce challenges and build an effective roster.

Technology can help employers and staffing managers fill key seats within their businesses in a variety of ways:

  • Use AI to quickly comb through job applications and resumes to create a pool of qualified candidates for each role you need to fill.
  • Review the AI-supported list of candidates to further weed out applicants who aren’t the right fit.
  • Narrow down your list by identifying the people who meet your standards.
  • Interview the best candidates for each role.

Using technology in this way will reduce time, effort, and cost. Instead of chasing around candidates who are not the right fit, you can spend more targeted time recruiting individuals who fit the need.

2. Add Layers to Your Workforce

The terms “enhanced workforce” and “freelance workforce” refer to the use of industry professionals who are not employees of your business. Businesses that rely on an enhanced workforce can utilize contractors, freelancers, consultants, and other professionals who are not technically employed by your company.

This trend is popular for industrial companies who need to bring in specialists or short-term contractors to support a particular job or help complete a specific customer order.

Instead of hiring an employee and then trying to shoehorn that person into another role after the job is complete, you can utilize this individual for a short period of time to get the job done. Then, when the next job or order comes through that fits this person’s skills and experience, you can bring them back for another short-term engagement. And repeat for as long as needed.

This freelance concept will enable your company to save money on costs such as hiring, payroll, and benefits. You will also be able to reduce the workload on your full-time roster.

3. Prioritize Safety – Physical and Mental

While every business looks for ways to increase productivity, it’s even more important that you support safety in your business. Not only do you want to maintain your reputation as a safe place to work, but lost-time accidents cost companies billions of dollars every year. The key is to go beyond physical safety.

In the past, the term “workplace safety” referred to the prevention of physical injuries. But based on current trends, employees are looking for companies that support safety in regard to their mental health and other areas that affect the entire person.

Many companies have implemented policies that focus specifically on mental health:

  • Provide employees with insurance coverage that pays for mental health services.
  • Offer internal mental health services within the company.

Yes, meeting OSHA and CDC guidelines is critical to support the physical health of employees. However, providing mental health support can directly impact the safety of the work environment.

Providing support for all safety-related issues will optimize workforce staffing by ensuring that each worker is fully capable of physically and mentally performing their assigned duties.

Work With a Staffing Agency to Optimize Workforce Staffing

As a business owner or manager, you’re already aware of the number of responsibilities that you face every day managing the workforce. Finding the time to go through applications and resumes to find the right people for your company takes a lot of time and effort.

We recommend implementing our tips to maximize the capabilities of your roster. We also recommend working with a staffing agency, such as Allegiance Staffing, to help you identify the right people for your available positions.

Allegiance Staffing is one of the leading staffing agencies in the U.S. We work directly with companies to identify labor solutions and provide temporary staffing services that enhance the workforce.
Contact us today to find out more about how our staffing solutions can improve workforce staffing for your company. Let’s get to work on growing the capabilities of your team!