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3 Ways Businesses Can Deal with Winter

February 18, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Working in Winter Storms

For much of the United States – especially the Midwest and East Coast – it’s been a brutal winter. Even the Southern states have found themselves hit with freezing temperatures. Add to that an especially tough flu and cold season, and businesses are finding it’s tough to get much done during the winter months.

But winter doesn’t have to be a business bust. You can still be productive and successful … you just have to be a little more flexible.

  1. Allow employees to work from home. Even if you don’t normally have a work-at-home policy, make an exception for bad weather. When it makes sense – and if employees have power at home – give them the freedom to do some work from their couch. No one should be braving dangerous driving conditions to the get to the office. This also takes away some of the stress for parents who have children home from school for snow days.
  2. Enforce sick days. When employees are sick, insist they stay home and get well. The last thing you want are sick workers coming into the office and spreading their germs to others. When employees are fighting sickness, it’s no time to be a workplace hero. Curl up in bed, rest and get well.
  3. Put safety first. Reduce office hours, close up early and let non-essential employees work remotely. Dangerously cold temperatures plus the threat of icy road conditions should have you thinking about employee safety. It’s not worth the risk for an extra hour or two of work.
  4. Keep calm. Yes, disruptions to the work day, schedules and productivity are frustrating to managers and stressful on the bottom line. But winter weather and even illness are beyond your control. Deal with each situation as calmly as possible and remember that spring is coming soon.

What are some ways your company deals with the challenges of this time of year? What’s worked well in keeping workers safe while still getting some work done? What has been your most creative solution?