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How to Create a Corporate Giving Program

February 12, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Corporate Giving Program

The benefits of implementing a corporate social responsibility program and fostering employee volunteerism bring a host of benefits to companies. Beyond the obvious warm and fuzzy feeling from simply making their communities better, studies find community service programs boost overall employee engagement, which reduces turnover expenses and boosts the bottom line.

It’s also a beneficial recruiting tool, particularly among a younger generation of workers who see community service as an important part of a company’s overall mission.

If your company is looking to give back in 2015, here are tips for launching a corporate giving program.

  • Look at your overall company mission and see if there’s a way to align that mission with your giving strategy. Are you in the environmental services industry? Then supporting charities with an environmental mission might be a good fit for you company.
  • Involve your employees in the decisions. Many of your workers may be supporting worthy cause in their off hours so poll them about giving opportunities.
  • Think beyond writing a check. While cash donations are always appreciated, some nonprofits may have a greater need for volunteers to mentor students, make repairs to their facility, help plan a fundraiser or clean up a local park. Look for ways your employees can volunteer – especially as a group so they can engage in some team building at the same time.
  • Reward employees for their service. Consider a company match for donations or give employees time off for volunteering. Some businesses offer an extra vacation day or two for volunteer service. Let your employees know you appreciate their philanthropic mindset.
  • Have a strategic approach for the long term. Sure you could write small checks to a dozen organizations but you may want to consider selecting one or two programs and making a big impact. Develop a long-lasting relationship with your charity of choice. This gives your employees the opportunity to truly engage with the nonprofit, and your financial donations can grow larger and go further.
  • Don’t be afraid to toot your horn. It’s true that good PR isn’t your sole motivation for giving back, but it also doesn’t hurt to let the community know about your charitable efforts. Send your check presentation photo to the local newspaper and share photos from employee volunteer days on your website or in an email newsletter.

With the input of your workers and some forethought and planning, your company can make a solid impact on the community – and that may be the best business decision you make all year.

Check out this Guide to Corporate Giving in the Workplace from Charity Navigator for more good tips.