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4 Interview Mistakes Temporary Candidates Make

November 12, 2018 | Staffing Blog

Most people get nervous for interviews. And nerves open the door to making a mistake that you wouldn’t otherwise make while talking to friends or family. Knowing exactly what the company is looking for, as well as what would deter them from hiring you, will help you a great deal if you wish to avoid such blunders.

Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

With adequate planning, you will be more likely to feel good about how the interview went, rather than stress out about the missteps afterward. Here are five mistakes that are common for temporary candidates to make in interviews.

1. Failure To Understand What It Is The Employer Is Looking For

This area can be confusing for temporary candidates if they are used to interviewing for permanent positions. Traditional permanent interviewing consists of future goals and longterm development a candidate might see themselves having with the company. Some temporary jobs will not focus on this as they are short term. Review the description of the position and expectations thoroughly so you can be clear on explaining why you are the right person for them.

2. Talking About Your Passions Rather Than Your Skills

At the end of the day, the employer just wants to know that you have the skill set to accomplish the job at hand. They don’t want you to spend the entire time on your aspirations. Focusing too much on this will lead them to believe that you will not be a productive employee. To help them see the type of worker you are, give them examples of how you have done similar work in the past and the different technologies you can use.

3. Not Doing The Research

It is essential to do research about a position, no matter if it is permanent or temporary. In fact, in temporary positions, it is even more imperative, as you may not have much experience working with this exact type of company. Though you may be a quick learner, they will want to know that you are familiar with this environment and understand exactly what you will be doing when you begin the position. Learn what you can about the role that you will be performing if you are hired, and think about how your specific skills and experience can help the organization meet their goals.

4. Responding Incorrectly When Asked About Long-term Goals

On occasion, the employer might try to trick you by asking about your long-term goals. They tend to do this to see if you will actually be happy and commit to your temporary role. If you take the bate and tell them you are actually hoping for a permanent position, this could cause you to not get the job. They want to know that you are aware of what you are signing up for and that you will be content with this for the full extent of the job.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to apply for temporary positions, but have yet to find yourself a staffing agency, you will want to begin with that. Your staffing agency will help you to prepare for your interview so that you can go in confident and well-informed. For more information on applying for temporary positions, you can contact us here.