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10 Interview Questions for Temporary Workers You Can Expect to Hear

November 5, 2018 | Career Blog

Temporary positions can be a great way to pay the bills or even get your foot in the door at a company you like. Some companies choose to explore potential full-time candidates this way and actually do hope to transition their temps into full-time workers.

In any case, hiring managers want to know that you are a dependable individual with the ability to carry out your assigned position. If you really want to land the job, it is essential that you understand the industry you are entering into and what it is you want from it.

Common Interview Questions for Temp Jobs

To help you land the role, we have assembled 10 interview questions for temporary workers that you can expect to hear.

  1. Why do you want this temporary position? They will ask you this to better understand your overall ambitions. They want to know that at least some aspects of the job align with your motivations, because this results in you doing the job well.
  2. Are you hoping to eventually become a full-time employee here? Not every company necessarily is looking to hire full-time employees, but those that do will want to know if you have the potential to.
  3. How would your last boss say you work with others? More often than not, temporary positions require that you are able to work in a team environment. Your potential employer will want to know that you will not cause any unnecessary disruption with the project due.
  4. If we were to ask for references, would you be able to provide them? Not all employers will just take your word for it, they will want to hear from your past employers that you are reliable. Make sure that your references are not just friends, but people who have worked with you or you have worked for in a professional environment.
  5. What are your special skills and how will they assist you with this job? Most temp jobs depend heavily on your skill set and your ability to apply them effectively. Providing specific details that show your confidence in these abilities will help to convince the interviewer that you are up to the task.
  6. Why do you look for temporary work? Your employer will want to know what drives you on this specific path. Make sure to link your answer back to the big picture that you are aspiring to. Tell them your career goals and how exploring different industries allows you to gain a wider range of experience. Be honest with your answer and do not eliminate the possibility of you being considered for any future job opportunities that this company could give you.
  7. What is your ideal work environment? They want to be sure that you are not just looking for any job, but that you would actually be confident working in their business’s environment. Just because you need the job is not enough to mean that you will fit in, and they will want to be sure that you will be happy with the job if they decide to bring you on.
  8. What do you know about our company? No matter what type of position you are applying for, you will want to show them you understand that they are unique and stand out in some way.
  9. Describe one time you made a mistake in your career and what you learned from it. Be honest about this one, they use this question to assess your character and your ability to grow. Take this opportunity to show them your desire to learn and expand your skill set.
  10. Do you have any questions for us? At the end, they will give you the opportunity to explore if this position is something you wish to commit to. Having a couple questions to ask shows that you care about the direction you are going in and do not just take any opportunity because it is handed to you. Avoid questions about money and stick to questions about schedule and what your duties will be.

In Conclusion

To best prepare for your interview, you will want to be clear on your aspirations and how they specifically align with that particular company. You are more likely to be given the job if you are prepared when going into the interview. If you need any help with your resume or knowing what you need to do to prepare for a temporary position, contact our customer service team here.