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5 Body Language Don’ts for Job Interviews | Allegiance

August 14, 2017 | Career Blog

Body language plays an extremely important role in all job interviews. In many ways, it conveys more than the words you speak. Here are some job interview don’ts. Do not make these body language mistakes.

Don’t Slouch

Slouching or drooping your shoulders shows a lack of confidence. Instead, stand and sit up straight. Maintain good posture throughout the interview. This will give your interviewer a good impression of you.

Don’t Be Jumpy

Don’t fidget or move around too much. This conveys nervousness and not being able to concentrate. Don’t keep playing with your hair or pen or touching or rubbing your face and nose. Don’t keep shaking your leg.

Don’t Avoid Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact and keeping your gaze away from the interviewer is never a good idea. Look at the interviewer and maintain a healthy eye contact. At the same time, another don’t is that you shouldn’t stare. Don’t stare into the interviewer’s eyes; it will make them uncomfortable about you. Alternate between making eye contact, looking at their face, and occasionally looking away.

Don’t Cross Your Arms or Legs

Crossing your arms can come across as defiant or defensive. It can also come across as overconfident, arrogant or aggressive. Instead, keep your arms to your side. It will be more comfortable for you as well. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets. Don’t cross your legs either.

Don’t Keep Nodding Your Head

You should nod your head periodically when listening to the interviewer speak, but don’t keep nodding your head the entire time. It will convey nervousness. It also shows a lack of self-confidence.

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