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Workplace Safety: Fall Hazards | Allegiance

August 21, 2017 | Staffing Blog

The time to address safety issues in your workplace is before an injury occurs. Every business, large and small, needs a documented workplace safety program. Make sure every employee reviews and understands the rules and hold regular safety meetings to go over safety procedures, including how to document and report workplace accidents.

One of the biggest safety hazards in all workplaces is fall hazards. Workplace falls can result in serious injury or death to your employees. It is reported by National Safety Council (NSC) that medical costs and workers compensation expenses associated with workplace slips and falls costs over $6 billion annually. You will also lose productivity in the workplace due to the absence of injured employees.  Here are some important tips to follow to prevent falls in your workplace:

  • Walkways – Make sure all walkways are dry and clear of debris. Do not use loose mats or rugs in areas of high traffic.
  • Footwear – Make sure all employees who work on wet floor surfaces wear slip-resistant footwear.
  • Floor Surfaces – Loose boards, tiling, or uneven or broken concrete surfaces must be repaired promptly.
  • Sign and Barricades – Barricade or section off sections of driveways or flooring in need of repair until the repair can be completed. This will prevent accidents from occurring to both employees and customers.
  • Covered Walkways – Provide covered walkways for employees to prevent them from slipping and falling in rain, snow, or icy conditions. 

Avoid accidents before they occur. Take some time now to implement a proper safety program for the employees of your small business and make sure they understand safety procedures and are provided with proper training. This will save you money in the long run on medical bills, fines, and lawsuits resulting from employee injury due to slip and falls or other workplace accidents.

Allegiance Staffing knows how important workplace safety compliance is. We provide a complete safety compliance analysis for your company. Our staff is experienced in OSHA regulations and stays on top of the latest in OSHA compliance laws and regulations.

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