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Stop Settling for Mediocre When it Comes to MSPs

March 9, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Allegiance Strategic Managed Service Provider

As businesses grow and become successful, one of the logical next steps is to open a second location. Often that second location grows to a third … then a fourth … and soon your company has branches, warehouses or sales teams scattered across the country. It’s a sure sign of success and a great way to meet customers where they are, but it also comes with its own set of management challenges.

From a quality assurance and human resources perspective, you want to know what’s happening at each location. You want to ensure employees – whether full-time or temporary – are skilled, productive and doing the job right.

With all these balls to juggle, many businesses turn to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to oversee day-to-day management and HR tasks. The problem is MSPs often try to stuff all businesses in the same box – regardless of their size, number of locations and specific industry. Yet you need a MSP that can recognize each location will be unique while adhering to your overall company standards for quality, on-time delivery and safety. You need a MSP that understands the logistics industry and its staffing needs.

Allegiance Staffing has a new tool: Allegiance Strategic, the first customized MSP solution for the logistics and manufacturing industries. We know logistics and manufacturing, and we know how to work with companies that have multiple locations because we have multiple locations. This means we’ll be able to service your company in every corner of the United States with the precision and experience you want from a MSP. While you’re busy growing your business, we’ll be handling your staffing needs.

Our proven hiring process guarantees you receive quality employees who have been through background checks, multiple interviews and are properly trained for your logistics business.

We don’t try to fit every labor market into the same box. We know every vertical market is different. Each has its own qualifications, skill sets and client demands.

If you’re wasting money on excessive turnover, inconsistent quality and labor inefficiency, try a new approach with Allegiance Strategic. Optimizing your labor solutions is the only way to get the most value for your money.