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Hello Retention! 10 Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

March 10, 2020 | Staffing Blog

Giving your employees recognition for their hard work not only benefits them, it benefits you and the company as well. World at Work did a survey that found that 88% of organizations have programs to show their staff recognition. Making sure everyone feels appreciated for what they do isn’t always easy, especially if you have a larger staff. Some people put in a lot of unique care into their work, and when they know that you have noticed, it encourages them to keep it up. So how do you make sure that each person is getting acknowledged for their individual efforts? Hello retention! Here are 10 creative employee recognition ideas that will help you do just that.

Employee Recognition Ideas

1. A Rotating Reward to Pass Around

Bring a trophy, stuffed animal, or some sort of significant object to the office that can be passed around weekly. Set up something the whole team can work on, and whoever comes out on top gets to keep the trophy for the week.

2. Find Special Ways to Say Good Morning

Whether it be little notes on their desks or fun music playing as they walk in, these little things help everyone get the day started on a positive note.

3. Spontaneous Snacks & Beverages

Having random lunches or happy hours are never under appreciated!

4. Deliver Personalized Cards

People love getting surprise mail. Especially when it’s from their boss telling them what a great job they’re doing.

5. Have Your Team Choose a Monthly Winner

Let your team vote on someone who gets a monthly prize/employee of the month. It’s important that the staff not only feels acknowledged by you, but by their teammates as well.

6. Ask Your Staff for Their Ideas

This is a biggy. Letting your staff pick something special to do or have not only shows them you appreciate their opinion, it also allows you to give them something they truly wish to have.

7. Post About Them on Social Media

When you include your staff and their little wins on social media, it makes them truly feel like a part of the team. In addition to that, it shows them that you’re proud of who they are and the way that they contribute to the company.

8. Include Them on Your Website

Similar, but even more special than the idea above, having your team on your website is another way to show that you are proud of them. Bring in a professional photographer to take the photos. This also provides your staff with a photo they can use on their own social media. They will definitely appreciate that!

9. Promote and Recognize Health & Fitness Goals

Providing a membership to a nearby gym, or getting everyone to try to commit to the keto or new hip diet for a month, shows you care about their health and personal well being. It also gives them something to work on/toward together, promoting teamwork and gratification that they can share.

10. Support What They Care About

Listen to feedback from employees. Let them give you ideas whenever possible. Then, go forward and implement these things into daily processes and events that you attend. This will make them appreciate their jobs more, and in turn, be extra motivated to work hard for the company.


It is one thing to show your team you want to appreciate them, but it’s another to be thoughtful about their unique traits and what will really land for them. Once you are successful with this, you will be rewarded in turn with an upbeat staff who looks forward to coming in and working hard every day. Looking for more ways to support or optimize your team? Visit Allegiance’s offerings today and see how we can help!