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Cutting Back on the High Cost of Employee Turnover

December 17, 2013 | Staffing Blog

It’s no secret that employees are among the greatest expenses for any business. Yes, it costs to pay those employees as well as provide benefits, equipment and training, but what can really eat at the bottom line is employees who don’t stick around. High turnover is not only expensive but is also drains a company’s human resources managers and damages overall corporate morale. 

A 2012 survey of employees conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand found that 19 million Americans plan to leave their jobs in 2013 – costing U.S. businesses $2 trillion. That’s a high price to pay for either not hiring the right people in the first place or not valuing the employees you have. 

A key to reducing turnover is hiring the best employees for the job. If employees can successfully manage the jobs they are given, it stands to reason they will be appreciated for the work they do and given opportunities to advance – key factors in whether employees stay with their current jobs. 

Here at Allegiance Staffing, we’re proud of the fact 99 percent of our temporary employees are asked to return to their initial assignments. Frequently the temporary employees we provide are asked to join the company as full-time staff members. 

This is largely because of our extensive evaluation process. Each job candidate goes through a 3-Day Hiring Process to determine skills, attitudes and overall efficiency as an employee. We run background checks, handle drug testing and E-Verify all employees. We also provide safety training for employees, recognizing that it doesn’t help your business if workers are injured on the job.

Is your existing staffing agency this serious about finding the best employees for your business and helping you reduce the high cost of an employee revolving door? 

We know by providing qualified, skilled, trained and capable employees for your business, we greatly improve your overall productivity while reducing turnover. In fact, we have just a 7 percent turnover rate with our temporary employees. 

We know you hire a staffing company because you need help – whether it’s with logistics staffing, hospitality staffing, clerical staffing, skilled trades staffing or light industrial staffing. At Allegiance, we can provide the right people for the job – people who will stick with you. Because, you shouldn’t be worried that the employees you hired yesterday are looking for the exit today.