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Don’t Miss These Executive Management Jobs During Your Search

February 5, 2024 | Career Blog

Establishing experienced leadership is essential for any company. That’s why companies spend countless resources looking for qualified executives to fill key roles. Perhaps you are the ideal person for companies to reach their growth objectives, and you just need to find the right role.

If you are looking for executive management jobs in a particular location or industry, Allegiance Staffing has you covered. We are prepared to help qualified and experienced candidates step into an executive management position offered by one of our partner companies.

Our professional staffing agency is trusted for our commitment to helping superb talent find a  myriad of career options across industries. We offer a diverse array of executive career lanes to explore, and we work closely with talent to identify the ideal role.

Let’s take a look at some typical jobs you don’t want to miss.

Executive Management Job To Consider Right Now

If you’re hunting for an executive management job, review our list of in-demand executive-level roles. Then, connect with our team to find the latest opportunities that fit your career goals.

1. Director of Manufacturing Operations – average U.S. salary of $143,606 a year

The position supervises the day-to-day processes and operations of manufacturing goods. With fast-paced decision-making skills and knowledge of the changing industry, the director of management leads the staff and ensures that every step of the process runs orderly. Consider a sample of key duties:

  • Oversees that the company is complying with safety regulations and standards.
  • Monitors productivity and implements new strategies to increase efficiency. 

2. Quality Assurance Manager – average U.S. salary of $125,013 a year

A Quality Assurance Manager’s key responsibility is to ensure that all goods produced are up to the company’s level of satisfaction. This effort includes keeping accurate and up-to-date product reports and communicating data to the company.  

  • Creates and sets quality assurance standards. 
  • Inspects manufactured goods and services before distribution.

3. Director of Supply Chain and Procurement – average U.S. salary of $187,673 a year

This role is in charge of ensuring that manufacturers have the supplies to make their products. This position is commonly found in manufacturing, but you also might see this appear in other industries as well, like distribution, healthcare, and tech. Here is what you can expect in this role.

  • Acts as a liaison to suppliers, vendors, and distributors. 
  • Determines the supply and distribution methods.

4. General Manager – Average U.S. salary $226,897 a year

The General Manager leads the company or plant through its day-to-day efforts. This role includes keeping the operation running safely and effectively through problem-solving, strategic decision-making, and clear guidance.

  • Directs all factory or plant functions and performances.
  • Fosters a safe work environment aligning with legal regulations.

5. Logistics Manager – average U.S. salary of $72,727 a year

This is a job where coordination is key. As a vital part of the supply chain arm, logistics includes directing the company or factory’s receiving and distribution process. 

  • Monitors that goods ship out on schedule.
  • Assesses and explores methods to distribute goods most cost-effectively.

6. Product Manager – average U.S. salary of $179,862 a year

Product managers aren’t just for technology companies. Manufacturing companies also have positions for product management. These managers shepherd the product from idea to production.

  • Monitors product development.
  • Trains staff that produces the product.

7. Senior Accounts Payable Specialist – average U.S. salary of $90,744 a year

If you excel at crunching the numbers, you might be the person for these roles. This position juggles multiple duties by managing payments for goods or services purchased. 

  • Administers financial records and payouts.
  • Oversees accounts payable and payroll clerks.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Executive Management Jobs

When looking for executive management careers, consider working with Allegiance Staffing. Our agency’s priority is to support candidates like you. We will work directly with you to understand your career goals and help you find the ideal fit.
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