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How to Find Honest and Trustworthy Employees

July 29, 2019 | Staffing Blog

Every employer wants the peace of mind that they can trust their employees to perform critical tasks on-time, per the specifications, and with quality.

Finding honest and trustworthy employees to perform tasks with limited supervision is one of the most important functions of an employer or manager. Constantly needing to direct the actions of an employee, verify what they said they did against what they actually did, or checking in on employees will pull you away from necessary managerial functions.

You need to keep your department or company operating smoothly. To maintain a productive workforce, take these actions to find the best employees for your critical roles.

1. Pre-Hiring: Consider References and Pre-Hiring Tools

If you are in the process of hiring new employees, consider a few additional steps besides reviewing a resume or conducting an interview.

Why? A resume will only give you a snapshot of the employee’s work history; an interview will only give you a glimpse into the employee’s personality on their very best day putting their best foot forward. These two elements, alone, are not reliable for making a hiring decision.

To truly find honest and trustworthy employees for the roles you are hiring for, make sure you take two additional actions.

1. Talk to references. Call third-party individuals such as a former co-worker, manager, or colleague to gain additional insight into the individual you are considering hiring.

2. Use a pre-hiring tool. A pre-hiring tool will provide you with an objective measurement of the candidate’s thinking, which will

indicate behavior in their role. The scores will help you identify whether the candidate matches up with the profile of the ideal employee in the role.

2. During Employment: Gather Employee Feedback

If you have questions about the honesty and truthfulness of a particular employee or group of employees, take some time to talk to them about what’s going on.

Make sure this is not done in an accusatory or confrontational manner that could lead to defensiveness. Instead, take a proactive step of establishing a relaxed environment where the conversation is focused on gathering feedback.

Make sure you have specific evidence or information to help guide the conversation. Relying on hearsay or “this employee said this about you” type of statements will send the conversation down the wrong path.

3. Consider Outsourcing Hiring to a Staffing Agency

If you find that you are not being successful hiring new employees or retaining current employees because of concerns about honesty, then consider moving the hiring process outside of your company.

Outsourcing hiring to a staffing agency will help alleviate the stress of trying to dig into an employee’s background and history to find the right match for your role. A staffing agency such as ours has already vetted a pool of qualified candidates ready to be placed in key positions in your company.

By filling key positions with trustworthy employees, you can get back to running or managing your business, leading to an increase in productivity.

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