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How to Find a Temporary Job

July 22, 2019 | Career Blog

Whether you are looking for seasonal employment or a way to test out working in a new industry, temp jobs are your solution. Seasonal employment is basically the same as temporary employment, but it isn’t just limited to the one season.

Temp jobs give you a short term job at any time of the year, and also the potential of staying with the company long term if you mesh with them well. If you are considering this path, you will want to make sure you understand the circumstance and benefits of it. Then, you will want to know the best way to find such jobs. Keep reading to learn about both!

Why Temporary Employment

Depending on what you’re looking for, temporary work can be part-time or full-time. More employers are beginning to hire temp workers because:

  • There has been a rise in consumer demand.
  • Regular employees are sick or on maternity leave.
  • They may not currently have it in their budget to bring on someone permanent.

On the flip side, temporary work may be beneficial for you because:

  • You are looking for some extra work on the side.
  • You are trying to get experience in a new industry.
  • You are trying to get out of the industry you currently work in.
  • You are looking for networking opportunities.
  • You are working on building up your resume.
  • You are looking for a flexible schedule.
  • You want to form a relationship with a certain company and are hoping to eventually work with them full-time.

The Best Way to Find it

Most people find temporary work through employment agencies. These agencies give people looking for temp work openings with businesses that they have partnered with. Temp agencies are beneficial for both the company and the employee: they want the employee to work out! Even better, the company looking for employees will be the one to pay for the service, not you. Furthermore, because they want you to be the right fit for their client, they will give you insight on:

  • Exactly what the company is looking for.
  • What to talk about in the interview.
  • How to optimize your resume for the position.

Being a Successful Temp

If you truly want to find temp work, you should be open to the different types of positions that are available to you. The more flexible you are, the more assignments you will receive. Even if you have risen to a more specialized level, you can also take on some simpler jobs to ensure you are still getting work and even give yourself a little break at the same time. Once you start a job, don’t be shy! Make sure you are committed to doing the job well and forming positive relationships with those you are working with. You never know what other connections that particular job might provide you with.

Going from Temp to Permanent

It is not uncommon for a temporary position to become permanent. Some companies actually use temp agencies so they can perform trial runs with candidates before they commit to offering them full-time work.

If this is a goal of yours, make sure to communicate this to your temp agency. The more you can tell them about what exactly you are looking for, the better job they will do pairing you with the appropriate companies. In other words, they will set you with up with interviews that have permanent potential.

If a company does become interested in bringing you on full-time, they will have to go through the agency. They will do so by paying the agency a fee so that you are no longer the agency’s employee and you can then start working directly through that company.

Need a Temp Agency?

If you are looking for an agency to help you find temporary work, look no further! Allegiance Staffing is connected with a handful of industries and can pair you with the job/s that are right for you. Even if you are not sure what industry you should be applying for, Allegiance can help you by assessing your past work experience and skill set. Scour the internet no longer! We will help you find your way. For more information on the ways that Allegiance Staffing will help you find temp work, reach out to us here.