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How to Find Temporary Jobs That Look Good on Your Resume

September 1, 2020 | Career Blog

Millions of Americans make a living through temporary employment. More and more, different industries are beginning to hire temporarily to support peaks in business and changes from this year’s health crisis. If you are looking for flexibility, experience, and variety, temporary employment is the way to go!

But how do you get started on your search to find temporary jobs? After all, most companies will look at your resume to see why you are a good hire, and if you’re just starting out, you don’t have anything to show them. That’s okay! There is still a way to start this journey, my friend. We know exactly how to find temporary jobs that will look good on your resume and land you even better ones in the future.

Connect With a Staffing or Temp Agency

Companies that hire temps don’t typically use the standard hiring process that you might be familiar with. If they did the hiring themselves, they would be spending way too much time on this function and not able to focus on their actual work. Instead, they turn to temp and staffing agencies to do the hiring for them.

This makes things a lot easier for you to manage because you can engage the services of a staffing agency for free and have access to all of the opportunities they currently have available! You don’t need prior experience to get involved with a staffing agency; your goals and work ethic are enough to get you in the door. Some examples of a candidate that these agencies look for are people who:

  • Are looking for consistent temporary work.
  • Know what their skills are and are excited to build upon them.
  • Know exactly what kind of work they are looking for, but are also open to trying new opportunities.
  • Understand the safety requirements for their role and industry.
  • Are responsible, have reliable transportation, and can show up on time.
  • Are ready to make a great impression and build up their resume.

How Staffing Agencies Help You Find Temporary Jobs

Staffing and temp agencies specialize in filling positions for leading companies. They are the true experts and want you to be successful. Once you have your initial consultation with them, they will help you to prepare, interview, and land the job. They do this by:

Giving You Access to Positions That Aren’t Listed Online. A lot of companies hiring for temporary work are looking to fill positions beyond the openings they post online. Because they work with agencies for hiring, they mostly depend on those agencies for those needs. When you join the fold, you are given access to that ever-building list of temporary work. Not only that, but the staffing agency will also notify you when there is an open position that is right up your alley.

Keeping The Work Coming. Temporary work is great because you can start a different position once your current one ends, or you can take a break and come back for new temp work at a later time. Once you are ready to return, your staffing agency will let you know what’s available. That way you don’t have to stress about finding your next job.

Helping You Build Your Resume. Staffing agencies know what these companies are looking for, and they work with people every day who go out and interview for these positions. They will help you work on your resume, not just in the beginning, but as you continue working with them. This includes giving you advice on the best next moves for making your resume really shine.

Building Your Temp Resume

Listing your temporary work on your resume isn’t all that different than listing other jobs. Here are the important things to note:

List the Staffing Company as the Employer. If you got a temporary job through a staffing firm, you will want to name them as your employer. You can include the location you worked as well, but the staffing company will be who future hiring managers will want to contact for proof of employment and other important information.

Give a Description of Each Relevant Role. The more experience you can accumulate, the better. Companies hiring temps want to see that you’re flexible, so it’s great if you have a few different examples of how you can adjust to different environments. Make sure to cover the skills you used, the experience you acquired, and any significant accomplishments you made during your time there.

Give Us a Call for Temp Work Support

Allegiance Staffing has more than 20 years of experience supporting talent on their journey to finding temporary work. We place workers just like you in roles across many different industries and have a presence throughout the U.S. to help you find the right opportunity!

Set up a time with us so that we can support your pursuit of temp work! We will not only help you find temporary jobs, but we will also give you great advice on how to make your resume look awesome. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today.