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7 Things You Should Never Wear to an Interview

August 25, 2020 | Career Blog

There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for your job interview. Your resume, what you are going to say about yourself, how early to get there, etc. One of the most important things that will certainly help to determine your interviewer’s first impression of you, is your outfit.

Some might say, that is easy, ‘look nice’. However, depending on your point of view, a lot of people have different ideas of what ‘looking nice’ means. You’d be surprised how your interview outfit can have a positive or negative affect, so it’s good that you’re taking a little time to do some research about this particular subject. Keep reading for 7 things you should never wear to an interview.

Here are Your Interview Outfit Tips

Give yourself some time to peruse your closet or shop for your interview outfit. Even if clothing is not something you normally spend too much time thinking about, having to rush through this decision might cause you to make a serious oversight. As you survey your options keep the following ‘what not to wears’ in mind.

1. Clothes That Don’t Fit

Now is not the time to squeeze into that skirt or top that used to look great on you.. a few years ago. On the flip side, maybe you have a really comfortable pair of slacks that hang just a little too low. Be honest with yourself. Does this clothing really fit you, or is it something that you’re just trying to make work? If it’s the latter, it will probably be noticed.

2. Stuff with Wrinkles, Stains, and Holes

Really, this should go without saying. Ok yeah, you may be applying for a job that requires you to get your hands and clothes dirty, so the clothing at that point doesn’t matter very much. However, at your interview, your appearance always matters. You want to give off an air of professionalism and show your potential employer that you care about their impression of you.

3. Strong Perfume or Cologne

Soap is really nice. In fact, people really appreciate soap, so you can use that and you will smell just fine for your interview. Some people like other fragrances, too. But there are a lot of people who cannot stand strong perfumes and even have allergies to them, so they will take offense to your permeating cloud of Gucci or Chanel. Stick to simply showering for your interview, and save the stronger scents for date night.

4. Really ‘Out There’ Clothes

This is also one that is heavily determined by opinion, but most people can gauge when you’re taking it a little too far. Just try not to get too ‘loud’ with your outfit with contrasting patterns and bright oranges and fuchsias. If that is part of who you are, simplify it a bit for your interview so the outfit isn’t so distracting that your interviewer can’t even see straight. A set of unique earrings that pop or a pair of unique shoes are enough to make an impression. Don’t go overboard.

5. Headphones

We are living in a time where people literally forget that their bluetooth is in their ear because it has become a daily accessory like shoes and underwear. Earbuds might not be offensive to you when you see them on others, but in an interview, it’s a different story. If you leave them in your interviewer could worry that you’re not fully listening, or that you feel you have something better to do.

6. Ladies, Don’t Overdo the Makeup

Just like wearing really loud clothing, too much makeup can be distracting. Go for a natural look and keep your makeup application simple. Avoid colorful thick eyeshadow and eyeliner, a bunch of glitter, bright lipstick, or heavy foundation. Your goal is to look refreshed, awake, and focused on getting the job.

7. Don’t Wear Anything Uncomfortable

If a pencil skirt or form-fitting slacks are not your usual jive, don’t try to make it work now. They may look great on others, but squirming around in your seat can be disconcerting for both you and your potential employer. If you’re shopping for something new, go with your trusted styles that you know you are comfortable in. The goal is to wear something subtle, flattering, professional, and comfortable.

Looking for More Interview Advice?

We specialize in staffing for companies, and we know what people are looking for. That means we know what’s best to wear to an interview, but we also have more guidance to offer than that. Allegiance Staffing works with over 100 companies in 6 different industries, helping them find the staff they’re looking for. Give us a call today, we are looking for people like you to fill these jobs!