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Go-To Guide for What to Wear On Job Interviews | Allegiance Staffing

April 3, 2017 | Career Blog

Rather than scouring the internet for an array of answers regarding what  to wear to job interviews, let us help you out with this go-to guide. Here’s all you really need to know about this subject.


Sticking with neutral colors such as, navy blue, charcoal, black and grey make you seem more professional than flashier colors. However, you could add some personality to your suit by pairing it with a shirt that complements it well.

For instance, pairing a black suit with a dark emerald top makes you seem sophisticated and confident. You could try pairing a navy blue suit with a light blue button down shirt which makes you seem trustworthy. In either instance, pairing your suit to the right top gives off a sense of professionalism and leadership.


When choosing a shirt, find a color that complements your suit, eyes, hair and skin tone. These may come in the form of neutral colors such as, white, ivory, French blue and even a pale purple. For some, dark jewel colors may complement your skin or eyes better than its neutral counterparts. However, choose colors that inspire confidence and professionalism.


For men, picking a tie that complements your suit and shirt is essential. Choosing a tie that draws attention away from you and your skills may prevent you from landing the job. However, this doesn’t mean stray away from ties that may present themselves as conversation starters.

When dressing for your interview, pick accessories that complement your style, there’s no need to dull your shine. These accessories may help complement the outfit and help you land that perfect job.

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