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If You’re Relocating, Consider a Seasonal Staffing Position

April 10, 2017 | Career Blog

Conventional wisdom tells us to wait until we have a job offer in hand to move to a new city, but in the real world it’s not always possible. If you need to care for an elderly relative, are moving for your spouses’ new job, or discover that every ad in your dream city proclaims local candidates only, sometimes you need to bite the bullet and move first.

If you’re in this position and need to work immediately, a great option is to find seasonal staffing work when you first move. Here’s three ways a seasonal work works well for many newly relocated professionals.

  1. Flexibility. Moving to a new city is a lot of work! You’re going to need some time to move your belongings, get new ID cards, and wait for deliveries and cable installation. Instead of working full-time immediately, seasonal and temporary positions give you the flexibility to work with a staffing agency to arrange your work schedule.
  2. Start working immediately. The process for getting hired by a staffing agency is quicker than with most permanent positions, and you can do most or all of it before relocating. This makes it easy to have a staffing positing waiting for you immediately when you arrive, allowing you to move and continue to meet your financial goals.
  3. Get to know your industry in the new area. If you’re moving, you won’t know as much about the companies and industry landscape in your new city. Seasonal positions allow you to get firsthand experience working in companies without making a permanent commitment. Your seasonal work makes it easier to meet local contacts and possibly get a permanent job when the seasonal position ends.

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