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How to Hire Staff for a Small Business

November 24, 2020 | Staffing Blog

When it comes to hiring staff for a small business, it’s important that each person you bring on is top-notch. Small businesses depend on their staff to carry a lot of the company’s success, and one week link can do a lot of damage. If you are trying to figure out the best way to go about it, you’re on the right path. So many small business owners learn the hard way. They hire quickly so they can move forward with making money. Those who do so find out quickly that not every candidate is as hard-working as they appear to be in an interview. In fact, a lot can be misinterpreted if not gone about right from the beginning. That is why we made a list of some tips on how to hire staff for a small business. Check it out!

Here Are Some Smart Hiring Tips

As you consider the best approach to hiring, make sure you already know what qualities you look for in a person that’s going to help your company thrive. Their resume should line up with those standards you set. Then, going forward:

1. Don’t Hesitate to Toot Your Horn

As much as you want an employee to show you why they are a great worker, you also want to show them why they should want to work for you. Working for a small business means community. Let them know that people are seen more in that kind of environment. They aren’t signing up for a mega-corporation where they will be just another number. They’ll be working closely with management, have the opportunity to learn new skills, and maybe even grow within the company.

2. Keep an Open Mind

As much as it’s important to know who your ideal candidates are, it’s also good to be flexible. What are the absolute needs, and what can you bend a little on? Maybe the candidate hasn’t necessarily worked in your industry. But, they have a great resume and their skills are impressive. Remember the most important thing is that the person is a hard worker with a great personality. You can always teach the right person how to do the job well.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long

If you’re starting to hire and you have a long list of interviews to get through, don’t wait to hire the shining stars till your through them all. When you know you have found a good one, grab them! Most of the time your candidates need a job and they need it fast. They probably have a handful of interviews lined up. Don’t let someone else hire them before you get the chance to.

4. Never Stop Recruiting

Once you have your company fully staffed, don’t completely shut the door on potential hires. You never know how long people are going to stick with you. Life changes happen, and even if you are positive you have a great crew, you just never know. This is why it’s so important that you always have your recruitment tinted glasses on. If you are at a networking event or meet someone who is curious about your business, take their card. Develop connections that you can check back in with in the future when you have that open position to fill. It’s so much better when you know the person and already have a good idea of what kind of employee they will be.

5. Work on Retention

The best way to not get in a bind and end up short-staffed is to make your company an enjoyable one to work for. Listen to your team’s feedback. Develop a good rapport with each individual so everyone feels heard and supported by their jobs. If that is done well, it will be a rare thing for one of your team members to up and quit. They will respect you and not want to leave you in a tough spot. Therefore you will be given enough time to recruit and fill their spot before they are gone.

6. Ask for Help

Know who your dependable connections are. Where can you go to find potential candidates for employment? A great option that is always out there is to partner up with a staffing agency. These companies not only find strong candidates for you, but they do all the HR stuff for you too! All you have to do is tell them your ideal candidate and they will send you the strongest people they can find for you to interview.

We Can Support You!

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