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Holiday Season Staffing: Making It Work for Your Company

October 17, 2016 | Staffing Blog

With the holiday season fast approaching, seasonal employment will soon become a top concern for many companies, small and large. Seasonal employment poses specific difficulties, as does finding worthwhile employees, but with planning, preparation, and particular hiring, the season can benefit everyone involved.


Taking time before the season starts to plan exactly how to make the most of the busiest time of the year is an investment that will continue paying off long after the Christmas lights come down.

  • Set up quantifiable steps toward objective goals.
  • Break down what needs to be done, such as hiring and training.
  • Determine a logical order.
  • Delegate tasks to appropriate people.
  • Create a timeline for these steps.
  • Keep employees accountable for following the plan.


Closely related to planning, preparation is the practical out working of those plans — the steps taken to reach the goals that the plans build toward. Preparation looks different for each company. It can include introducing special projects or products, training seasonal employees, analyzing and increasing inventory, and any number of other changes, but regardless of the steps necessary for your company, thorough preparation lays the groundwork for a successful, and less stressful, holiday season.

Particular Hiring

It is tempting, when hiring seasonal help, to slack a bit or be less selective and rigorous in the process, resulting in under-qualified workers and a sub-par product. Selective seasonal staffing, however, makes a significant contribution to the overall success of the season.

The traits looked when hiring for seasonal work are often different from the traits needed for long-term employment. For example, if an employee has a history of short-term work — a hard-working student on break or an experienced worker on sabbatical or visiting family — they may constitute the perfect candidate for a seasonal position, tho a full-time job would be out of the question.


When holiday season hits, proactive preparation is the key. And to get there, you must plan the steps and be adequately staffed to carry them out. While seasonal staffing done wrong can create havoc and liabilities, staffing done carefully and creatively takes your company through the holiday season positively and profitably. Ready to see what correct staffing can do for your company this holiday season? We are here to help!