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Special Considerations for Seasonal Staffing

October 24, 2016 | Staffing Blog

Seasonal Staffing is necessary during the Winter season, or when the weather is warm. The holidays and times when landscaping is in demand both play a significant role for seasonal workers. In some cases seasonal workers are willing to do any kind of work and only wish to work during one part of the year as a means of supplementing other kinds of income that they have. That can be the case if someone is needing additional money for the holiday season, or to pay off unexpected bills.

No matter a person’s reason for working on a seasonal basis, they will most likely use a staffing agency to find the seasonal work opportunities that they are searching for.

Assess The Worker’s Needs

Some people specialize in a particular kind of seasonal job, such as landscaping. They will oftentimes apply at a local staffing agency shortly before or after the weather starts to get warm. These same people are likely to want to do the same kind of work again next year.

New applicants should be asked if they are interested in only doing seasonal work and about the kind of seasonal work they are wanting to do. Experienced labor tends to be more valuable no matter what the occupation is. Whenever someone applies for a certain kind of seasonal position, they should be asked if they want to remain registered with the staffing agency, or contacted the following year for the same kind of work.

The holiday season tends to bring in new applicants that need extra money just for the holidays, or are searching for holiday related work to supplement their current income. Additional help during the holidays can include helping in warehouses, bringing shopping carts back to the store, or playing Santa at the local mall. Much of the additional work that’s available during the holidays isn’t career specific. A person who needs additional work during the holidays one year might not need the extra work the following year. However, if their work experience was positive, they’ll be more likely to work during the holiday season again. For that reason it’s important to keep their contact information on file. Contacting workers that did a good job during the last holiday season can help to reduce the uncertainty that comes with using a labor pool that’s completely made up of new people.

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