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How to Find a Temp to Hire Job

July 20, 2018 | Career Blog

If you are looking for temporary employment, the most common avenue people tend to take is seeking out help from a staffing agency. There are agencies that have made it their specialty to fill temporary positions for businesses, some that help their clients find the temporary job and some that do both.

Your other option would be to look on websites that businesses post to, such as Snagajob or Indeed, but you will have to filter through a lot of listings to find something right for you. Well, we are of course a little biased, we believe staffing agencies are the best type of option because they can find exactly what you are looking for and do it quickly at that.

Engaging The Services Of Temporary Staffing Agencies

Once you partner up with a staffing agency like Allegiance, we will interview you and place you in the position and company that you are most qualified for. Usually, the agency will be the one to then pay you for the work you do, as the company we assign you to is hiring us to find quality workers. In some cases, the company you are placed at will ask you if you want to come to work for them permanently. If you do wish to permanently join their team, at that point in time the company you’ve been placed with will take on the responsibility for your paychecks.

How Does a Temporary Staffing Service Benefit You?

Using a staffing agency has quite a few benefits. Some examples of these are:

Employees benefits. Depending on the staffing agency, you could receive health insurance, 401K, tuition reimbursement, etc. Usually they will offer this if you have worked a certain number of days or hours with the companies they represent.

Job options. You can find a role at staffing agency for just about every industry. Because of this, you will be given a variety of different jobs to choose from ranging from short-term positions to permanent.

Free for you! The agency is paid by the companies seeking workers, you technically are not a client that needs to pay for the services. You simply need to interview and the agency will look to see if you match any of the positions.

Career advice. A reputable staffing agency will advise you on how to construct your resume and how to prepare for a successful interview. Agents know what clients are hoping to find so this advice is extremely valuable.

Agencies do all of the searching for you. During the interview process, you will be asked about your skill set and past job experience to help match you to a role. Staffing agencies do all of the legwork of finding companies to partner with for job openings in your area of interest.

Want To Work With A Staffing Agency?

If you want to engage the services of a staffing agency, some things that will make them more likely to want to work with you include:

  • Treating the interview with the agency as you should treat any other professional job interview.
  • Being transparent and honest about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, availability, etc.
  • Coming in with an open mind about the types of jobs you would be willing to do.
    Following up with the agency after your interview with an email thanking them for their time.
  • Making sure to prepare efficiently once you are assigned a job so you and your staffing agency maintain a good reputation for one another and you are able to continue going to them for future temporary work.

If you wish to learn more about finding temporary work through the help of a staffing agency, contact your nearest Allegiance Staffing branch here and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.