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Pros and Cons of Implementing a Temp to Hire Program

July 27, 2018 | Staffing Blog

Due to the fact that companies have peaks and valleys in their need for extra employees in different parts of the year, it has become standard practice for many to hire temporary workers. Somewhere close to 2 million people in the US work at temporary jobs each day.

Just like anything else, you can find pros and cons to this tactic. The main thing to focus on when deciding if you should implement a temp to hire program in your business is whether the pros make the cons worth it. In order to help you make your decision, we have assembled the most common examples of the effects this method can have.

The Pros Of Hiring Temporary Staff

  • The ability to adjust your staff quickly based on the workload. If you have a sudden need for a number of extra staff for a certain project, there are agencies that can quickly fill those roles temporarily for you, or for as long as you may need. You may also be put in the situation where staff members become ill or take a vacation and you need to fill that space until they come back.
  • Flexibility for both the employees and the employers. In certain industries, such as warehousing or manufacturing, there are a lot of people looking for temporary work. As the need for workers tends to fluctuate per job, using temporary staff is simply the most efficient route to take for everyone.
  • The opportunity to evaluate the potential of workers for future assignments. You never know, you may end up really appreciating your temporary hire’s work ethic and the way they meld with your company. There are many companies that will hire a temporary employee as a cost-efficient and effective opportunity to test their abilities before taking them on permanently. You may decide to do that or another option is to continue to use the temporary workers’ services as more projects present themselves.
  • It saves your company time and money. If you know you only need the extra help for a shorter length of time, the most cost-efficient route is clearly to hire someone temporarily. In addition, by using a staffing agency, you will no longer need to bear the financial responsibilities that come along with recruiting, background checks, evaluating, hiring, paperwork, payroll or benefit options for employees.

The Cons Of Hiring Temporary Staff

  • Training temporary hires can become a burden if you do not have a good system in place. As with any new employee, they will need to be trained on the standards and practices of your business. Fortunately, many temporary employees have a lot of experience jumping into new environments and therefore can learn quickly. Also, after you have hired a few temps you can always bring those same people back with each new job, so training will not be necessary.
  • Managers may worry about the quality of the labor. There is a stigma that temporary workers are not vetted at the same level as full-time hires. In order to ensure quality, Allegiance has enacted a three-step hiring process that vets our temporary labor force for diligence and ethical fortitude.
  • You have to monitor safety closely. As many temporary employees will be new to your work environment, you will want to be sure that they are following proper safety protocols and guidelines. It is already up to management to ensure that these practices are being followed at all times, but it should be expected that temp workers will need a little more assistance when they first start out with your company.

In the end, as long as you have a well-organized system in place to help acclimate your temporary hires, the pros are sure to make the ‘cons’ worth it. For anymore information on staffing agencies and the benefits of hiring temporary employees, please do not hesitate to contact us here.