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Is Working at a Hotel Stressful?

June 22, 2021 | Career Blog

It’s incredibly common for employees to become stressed on the job when working in the hospitality industry. After all, your job is to make sure customers are happy, and sometimes there are things going wrong that make them unhappy. Unfortunately, it just comes with the territory. So, yes, working at a hotel may become stressful. However, there are ways to alleviate and manage the stress.

You are the decider of what affects you and what triggers your stress. It takes some practice, but you can train yourself to react calmly to the circumstance and do what you can to get through the situation. Also, hotel jobs are considered some of the most appealing amongst the many areas of work in the hospital industry.

Keep reading to learn why and how managing your own reaction to stress at work can make all of the difference.

Managing Stress at Work

Unless you are incredibly centered, and in control of your calm, you know what it’s like to be stressed at work. It feels awful, usually making you less efficient, and can eventually result in health problems.

A job that stresses you out is not sustainable. However, pretty much any job can stress you out if you let it. So if you’re looking for a long-term solution for this issue, start with figuring out what’s stressing you out so much and see if you can find ways to manage that. Some examples of ways you can do that are:

  • Start your morning right. The things you experience and foods you eat before you get to a shift can be a real game-changer. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced meal, exercise, and anything else that makes you feel healthy can help you come into work with a good mindset and have an easier time managing stressful situations.
  • Practice relaxation techniques. If you can teach yourself to relax and remain that way while also being alert, you will be able to counter the physiological effects of heightened situations. Sitting still or meditating for 10 minutes before work and on your breaks, focusing on your breath, and simply telling yourself to relax are great ways to start.
  • Avoid negative thoughts. Often, people become stressed because they are worried about something and become angry with themselves and others. Try not to worry so much, and replace the negative thoughts with productive ones. Ask those around you what you can do to help, and do your best to remain positive.

What is Stressful About Hospitality

Even if you have had the best morning ever and you walk into working feeling like sunshine & roses, you are bound to be put in situations that can cause you to take a turn for the worse.

Common stressful situations that tend to occur in hospitality jobs across the board are:

Unhappy customers. Whether you made a mistake, another employee did, or the customer is just unfriendly, this is one of the toughest parts about hospitality. Your job is to keep the customer happy, and whatever happened to make them not – you have to fix it. The most you can do is work hard to do just that. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone is human.

Unhappy bosses. Besides the customers, the other people you want to keep happy are your bosses. Some bosses are really nice and helpful, while some are extremely difficult to please. Make sure to ask them what they care about the most and prioritize those things.

Upsides of Working at a Hotel

As you can see, what is stressful about working in a hotel is what makes any other hospitality job stressful. You are going to find those things anywhere. On the flip side, hotel jobs actually tend to be the least stressful of the mix because:

  • Your customers are usually on vacation, which means good moods all around.
  • Business is regular, and there is always something to do, so you’re not struggling to keep yourself busy with managers breathing down your neck.
  • There are always extra hands to help. If it gets super busy, you can just pull someone from another department until you get out of the weeds.
  • Hotels tend to pay a little better than other hospitality jobs, which keeps employees happy and encourages them to work a little harder/be supportive to the team.

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