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Job Interview Tips For Seasonal Positions

December 5, 2016 | Career Blog

Seasonal work, which is most commonly available in the month of December and over the summer months, is a great opportunity to enhance a resume, make some extra cash, or get a first position in a new industry. Interviewing for a seasonal position often is a little different from a traditional full or part-time job. Here are three things to keep in mind at the interview to land the position:

Be prepared to explain why you want a seasonal position. Most job seekers prefer long-term positions over temporary work, and companies want to be sure you’ll fulfill your short-term contract without leaving early for a full-time position. Common reasons people look for temporary jobs include looking for work during breaks from school, starting a new career, or looking for a second job on top of a regular position. Whatever your reason, state it confidently!

Demonstrate your ability to learn quickly. Temporary positions often last as short as one day and go up to several months. Either way, with a shorter position, it’s imperative that you’re a quick study. Come to the interview armed with examples of how you pick up tasks quickly, and references that speak to this ability.

Show your flexibility. Seasonal employees frequently fill in gaps in schedules that regular employees haven’t filled. The more flexibility you’re able to show with your schedule, the better. Be prepared to be available on holidays, weekends, evenings, and whenever the company needs you.

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