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Job Interviews: Top 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job!

January 24, 2017 | Career Blog

Once you get over the disappointment of not getting that position you felt you were so well qualified for, take some time to do an evaluation of possible reasons another candidate was chosen for the job. Take note of mistakes in the interview or job application process. Correcting these mistakes in job interviews now will help you land the next big opportunity that comes along.

  1. Over-confidence: No one likes a brash and cocky job applicant. You have credentials and experience and it shows. So what could have happened to keep you from getting this job appointment? A job interview should not be a bragging session. You should let the prospective employer know of your qualifications and experience. However, you should not be the one doing all the talking. He wants to know that you and the company are a good fit for one another and needs to ask you specific questions to determine this.
  2. Bad Credit: Many potential employers may check your credit and there is good reason for this. If you are a bad money manager, any lack of management skills may overflow into your work ethic and skills. If you do have to file bankruptcy, you should know that it can remain on your credit report for as long as 10 years.
  3. You Didn’t Do Your Homework: If you are going on a job interview, it is best to brush up on a company’s history, objectives and its mission statement. Be prepared to give an account of how your skills fit in with the company’s unique objection and plan for the future. If you are not ready to answer these questions, you can be sure another job applicant will be!
  4. Your Qualifications Do Not Match the Job: You have probably heard of a job being a perfect fit for a person and when this happens, it is almost too good to be true! On the other hand, not every job opportunity is going to be a perfect fit for you. Even though you certainly have the minimum skill set required for the job, perhaps your educational background or job experience is not quite what this job calls for.
  5. You Were Not Punctual: It may sound like a simple thing but punctuality is not a thing to be taken lightly in the workplace. If you can’t even make it to your interview on time, the employer probably things you do not take job responsibilities seriously and you may be passed over for the opportunity. If you have an emergency, call ahead and offer a full explanation of why you cannot come and reschedule the interview for a time convenient to the interviewer.

Do not get discouraged if a job interview goes sour. Not every job opportunity is going to be the right one for you. Keep looking and a job that is a great fit for your unique experience and capabilities is bound to come along! For more interview tips and assistance in finding a job, contact us today!