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Job Interview Tips When You’re New to the Industry | Allegiance Staffing

January 31, 2017 | Career Blog

Whether you’re a new graduate looking for your first professional position or making a career change, there’s always a point where you’ll need to land your first position in your chosen profession. A frustrating catch-22 in most industries is that most jobs want you to have experience, but it’s difficult to get that experience without getting that key first job. Here are our tips for shining at job interviews when you have limited paid industry experience:

1. Highlight any unpaid experience. Even if you haven’t had a job in your industry of choice, you most likely have experience through unpaid internships, academics, clubs, or job training. If you otherwise seem like a perfect fit, many companies will count your unpaid experience as work experience.

2. Emphasize transferable skills. Your other work experience might be in another profession, but many of the abilities you developed at other jobs or school will transfer directly to your chosen profession. Skills such as being reliable, good with people, detail-oriented, good with your hands, or a strong leader are example of such skills to bring up in an interview.

3. Obtain sterling recommendations. Did you do an exemplary job in a past job, class, or extracurricular activity? Get that boss or teacher to agree to give you a sparkling reference and letter of recommendation. Great references are key to landing a job, even when they’re from a different industry. They show your ability to work well with others and learn well.

4. Consider seasonal or temporary work. Short-term positions are one of the best ways to easily gain experience in a new position. Companies often are willing to accept candidates with less experience for these positions, and they’re a flexible way to assess your fit with a particular company while gaining experience toward a permanent position. Working with a quality staffing agency will help you find steady temporary and seasonal work.

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