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How Do You Know If You Made A Hiring Mistake? | Allegiance

December 25, 2017 | Staffing Blog

It does not matter how many steps you take in your hiring process or how extensive your hiring process, there is always an opportunity that you will make a mistake. You can look through tons of resumes for hours and make phone calls to the candidates you are interested in. You can even spend days interviewing all the job candidates on your list. When you finally decide on that one candidate, you may quickly realize that the person you have hired is not living up to any of the expectations you set.

The job candidate’s application and resume may have looked good to you, but once he or she started working, you realized that there were some major flaws in the new employee’s attitude and work ethic. On the other hand, the new employee can be very bright and motivated to do the job, but he or she may not be willing to work with others.

Here are some additional signs that indicate you did not choose the right candidate:

  • He or she does not fit your culture. If the new employee has changed the entire atmosphere in a negative way, this is a sign the person is not a good fit for your workplace.
  • The employee continues to make the same mistakes, even after the mistakes have been corrected multiple times. If you have shown the employee how to handle a situation, he or she may have difficulties catching on quickly.
  • The new employee only wants to do things his or her way.
  • He or she only does enough to get by. He or she does not seem passionate about going the extra mile.
  • He or she only wants to work alone.

No one wants to make a poor hiring decision, but it does happen in many workplaces. You do not want a new employee to reduce your workplace productivity or leave your workplace’s culture or morale in shambles. It is important to cover all the bases in the hiring process, even if you need help right away.

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