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Three Interview Tips for Seasonal Jobs | Allegiance

December 18, 2017 | Career Blog

Whether you’re a student who only has time to work during the holidays or a full-time professional who just wants some extra cash, seasonal work is a great way to get some job experience with a new company while earning some spending money. Interviewing for a seasonal job is different than interviewing for a full-time position in a few ways. Here are three things to know before you head into your first interview:

1. You’ll need to demonstrate you can work flexible hours

Unlike a full-time position, a seasonal job usually doesn’t have steady hours. You might be called in unexpectedly during a rush or when somebody else calls in sick. You’ll also most likely be expected to work on weekends, in the evening and on some (or all) holidays. During the interview, be clear about any limitations you have. For instance, you can say “I have a commitment on Tuesdays, but can be available on other weeknights after 6 pm.”

2. Be prepared to talk about why you’re seeking seasonal employment

Be prepared to talk about why, exactly, you’re applying for seasonal employment. If you have a scheduling conflict that keeps you from working the rest of the year, mention it. You can also talk about your interest in this specific company and what you hope to learn by working there, even for a short-term position. Seasonal work can be a gateway to future employment, especially if you’re a student.

If you are a working professional who’s just trying to make some extra money, be prepared to talk about whether or not you’d be open to working outside of the holiday season. Many retailers have other “rush seasons,” whether for a large sale or other event, when they might need an extra temporary hand or two for a few weeks.

3. Do your homework on the company

Seasonal work might just be for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean employers will hire just anybody. They’ll want to know that you have an interest in their specific company. Prepare for your interview as if it was a full-time position by researching the company’s products, services and culture. Be prepared to talk about how your specific experiences and skills can be an asset to the company now and in the future, if a full-time position opened up.

Seasonal employment can be a great way to learn about a company while making some extra cash. If you need more advice on how to interview, or if you need help finding companies to apply to, contact us today.

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